Monday, July 20, 2009

Marty's Cracklin', The Best Vegetarian Chicharon Comes from Oishi

Cracklings or "chicharon" is a favorite among Pinoys the world over. It's pork or chicken skin (meat are included in some varieties!) deep fried in a bat of oil. But despite its distinctive umami taste and addicting pork/chicken goodness, it can be deadly when eaten in large proportions as pork/chicken skin is loaded with bad cholesterol. I am trying to eat healthy this year so I am on a constant look out for healthy food options. It was a sweet surprise for me to find the best "vegetarian chicharon" in Marty's Cracklin' which is being manufactured by none other than the fast-growing chip maker Oishi.

marty's cracklin's, oishi products

Marty's Cracklin' is vegetarian chicharon made from dehydrated green peas, tapioca starch and dehydrated potatoes. It tastes and looks exactly like your favorite chicharon, minus the bad cholesterol. They are available in 90g and 20g packs. There are two flavors to choose from: the plain salted and the salt and vinegar. I like both.


For those on a strict diet or suffering from a serious health condition, be informed that each serving (approx. 20 g) of Marty's Cracklin' has 100 calories and fills 5 percent of our daily sodium requirements.

Marty's Cracklin' is available at all SM supermakets and groceries nationwide. I bet price is cheapest at SM Hypermarket in Mall of Asia, P15 for the 90g pack and P3.75 for the 20g pack. At the SM Supermarket in SM Manila where I bought my first pack, the 90g pack costs P17.50 and the 20g pack costs P4.95.

Now I can eat all the chicharon I want without the guilt. Actually, I've been promoting Marty's Cracklin' to my friends since the day I tasted it. Thanks to Oishi for producing this very innovative food product. Two thumbs up!

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  1. my sister tried it, but said she didn't like it.

  2. @mypinkcookies: my friends love this snack, too. about your sister, to each his own, i guess.:)

  3. try it with pinakurat suka. the best combination.


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