Friday, August 7, 2009

Siomai sa Tisa, Cebu City

Whenever I visit Cebu, there's always something I get to discover. It could be a new place or restaurant, sometimes it's a foodie find worth sharing. Just this morning, after we arrived in Mactan airport, our friend Chivs brought us to Mactan Town Center for snacks. There's a small food court there that can accommodate around fifty people. This was where I got introduced to the Siomai of Tisa or in local dialect, Siomai sa Tisa.

Tisa is a small village in Labangon, the second largest barangay in Cebu City. (EDIT: Tisa is actually a barangay in Cebu City.) It seems the siomai took the name of the place to distinguish itself from the other siomais in the city. So, what makes this siomai different and why do Cebuanos rave about them?


The answer lies in the taste. When I took a bite of the Siomai sa Tisa, I instantly liked it. The pork and the pork fat blended well, creating a fusion of flavors not usually present in other siomais. The good taste was complemented by the chili sauce which had a characteristic spice. Unlike other siomais, the Siomai sa Tisa I ate with gusto was not dipped in soy-calamansi sauce.


When you visit Cebu, try this siomai and see for yourself. I bet you'll like it, too. :)

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  1. I do love this siomai and missed this since I left the country. Anyhow, just to correct the 1st sentence in the 2nd paragraph.

    Tisa is not a small village of barangay labangon. It is a barangay and not a village. This is a common mistake even from people who lived in Tisa. Barangay labangon is a barangay next to Tisa if you go toward the city. In left of Tisa is barangay Punta Princesa.

  2. @anonymous: thanks for clarifying that. :)

  3. How yummy is the Cebu siomai sa tisa. this is one of my favorite food here in Cebu. Dili jud ko mag sawa anih bisan adlaw adlawun pah. :-)

  4. Yummmm. This definitely makes me crave for siomai sa tisa. You are right - they are incredible. :)

  5. @Nonoy: yes, yummy talaga.

    @Paula: thank you. can't wait to go back to cebu for this and a lot more yummy stuff. :)


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