Monday, April 4, 2011

Healthy Snack Options from The Sandwich Guy

After watching Catch Me...I'm In Love with my brother last week, I finally used my Cash Cash Pinoy voucher (groupon) at The Sandwich Guy. I paid P199 for it. It was a snack that was good for two, or so the voucher claimed. It had The Sandwich Guy's ultimate Big Time sandwich, a pasta of my choice, a baked potato with my choice of toppings and two drinks.

The Sandwich Guy's branch at One E-Com Center is small. It is located at the ground floor of the building, at the side facing Manila Bay. It has one four-seater table outside and can accommodate around four diners only inside the store. It seems they cater primarily to call center agents working in the building because they are open 24/7. Yes, that's right. I actually learned about this accidentally as I had to return to the store a few hours after my first visit to be able to use my voucher.


On my first visit, I was told by the staff behind the counter that they run out of Big Time sandwich and asked if I could just come back. I asked them when the said item would be available and I was told to return by 9:30 p.m. It was past 6:00 p.m. when we came and so we just went straight to Mall of Asia (MOA) to have dinner and do other things, things that we visited the mall for.


I was glad the staff had 'word of honor' because when we returned, they have replenished their Big Time sandwich ingredients (or whatever) already and they happily attended to my need. I just asked for my order to be wrapped as we were already on our way home.


I can't say much about my order except that they were all delish! The Sandwich Guy's Big Time sandwich was huge. It had three slices of bigger than standard size whole wheat bread with lettuce, cheese, ham and thin slices of beef. It tasted fresh and flavorful. It was so worth the regular price of P125.


My choice of pasta was Spaghetti La Tomato, P75. It was just the normal spaghetti with meat sauce but I loved how the sauce was flavor-packed and there was enough cheese to complement it. The serving was small, though. Like less than 100 g., I guess.


As for the baked potato, I chose the one with bacon and cheese. This was good but not exceptional. The potato slices were a bit soggy, too. A serving of this costs P75 as well.


The drinks I got were bottled gulaman (one pandan and one black gulaman flavor). They are sold at P25 per bottle. I liked both. They're refreshing especially when served ice-cold. They were sweet but not too sweet. My kind of drink.


This is my first time to try the food at The Sandwich Guy and I can say they serve mostly healthy stuff. The fact that they promote healthy eating is something to be admired of them. I hope more dining establishments will adapt this kind of practice. Serving food that are not just delicious but also healthy is always a plus for most diners. And if you pair it with good service and some innovation, then more or less your longevity in the business is guaranteed.

Have you tried the food at The Sandwich Guy? What's your favorite there?

**Sorry for the low quality photos. They were taken at nighttime using my Nokia E63 phone.

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