Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New So Breadlicious Rice Bowls from Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo

Wanna know the latest in fast food? Angels Pizza Pasta Combo's So Breadilicious Rice Bowls are now out! Chicken Teriyaki, Chicken Parmigiana and Chicken with Creamy Sauce. Each bowl is priced at P95 served with regular iced tea. I tried them all last night and they were all so hard to resist.

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If you want something Japanese, you won't go wrong with the Chicken Teriyaki. It's made up of So Breadelicious breaded chicken slices fried to perfection and drizzled with lustrous Teriyaki sauce and roasted sesame seeds on top of hot steamy rice. I loved the crisp texture and the nutty and sweet flavors of the chicken. It went well with my rice.


My personal favorite, though, would be the Chicken Parmigiana that's full of Italian flavors. This time, the So Breadelicious breaded chicken slices are layered with cheese and tomato sauce baked to perfection on top of hot steamy rice. I liked that there were enough cheese and tomato sauce to tickle my taste buds and the chicken has retained its succulent flavor and tenderness even after baking.


It was raining last night and the Chicken with Creamy Sauce proved to be the comfort food among the three with its bowl filled with So Breadelicious breaded chicken slices drizzled with warm and creamy white sauce mixed with steamed corn and carrots on top of hot steamy rice. It sure lifted my mood, what with the bad weather we've been experiencing lately.


It was one delicious dinner for me and my two siblings as we shared these newest additions to Angel Pizza Pasta Combo's already extensive menu. If you want any or all of these So Breadilicious Rice Bowls along with their signature pizza and pasta, just go to the nearest Angel Pizza Pasta Combo store or call 922-2222 for delivery.


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