Monday, August 8, 2011

A Yellow Cab Night with Food Bloggers

If there's one pizza chain that Pinoys should be proud of, it has to be Yellow Cab. Why? Because just like the popular Jollibee, it's a 100% Filipino-owned company that's gradually gaining a strong presence in both local and international food industry. Last Friday night along with fellow food bloggers, I had the opportunity to get to know Yellow Cab as a brand and experience first-hand how to make my own Yellow Cab pizza. It can't be cooler than that!


The blogger's night was held at Yellow Cab-Insular Life at the corner of Ayala Ave. and Paseo de Roxas in Makati. After getting introduced to and munching on several Yellow Cab pizza, pasta and appetizers, we had a quick tour of the kitchen and saw for ourselves how a Yellow Cab pizza is made. The Yellow Cab crew did a short demo, from the kneading of the dough to the time the pizza, complete with all the toppings, hit the oven for baking.

pizza evolution
a Yellow Cab pizza is cooked in an electric conveyor double oven for just seven minutes!

Did you know that Yellow Cab uses only freshly-made dough and equally fresh toppings? Yes, it's true. I saw it with my two eyes. And the cheeses they used are naturally-processed, too. Fonterra, the Australian company behind Anchor, Perfect Italiano and Great Blend, has been Yellow Cab's supplier of fresh creams and cheeses since their opening year.



Several Fonterra people led by Chef Pauline Lagdameo joined us that night and did a "cheese" talk. They explained a lot of things about cheese production. Other interesting topics tackled were the difference between margarine and butter and how some cheese had holes in them. Gosh, I learned a lot from the discussion!


Yellow Cab was a gracious host. They stuffed us really well with all these food:


Yellow Cab's Barbecue Chicken Pizza was a revelation to me. It was my first time to try it and it was so good. The balance of sweetness and spiciness was perfect. And when dipped in the garlic ranch, the pizza became heavenly. I think I finished two slices and still wanted more. Haha.


This Chicken Alfredo Pasta is a relatively new product. It's actually spaghetti with chicken chunks in a super creamy white sauce. I loved it.


The secret to the distinctive creaminess of the Chicken Alfredo Pasta are these Anchor products from Fonterra:


Another item I liked was Yellow Cab's Dear Darla Pizza. The arugula and the alfalfa sprouts that go with the pizza and the way you eat the pizza itself make this a truly unique pizza treat.

Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta

New York's Finest

Fleet Starters (crisp hot wings, savory baked potato wedges & crunchy tortilla chips served with tomato salsa & garlic ranch dip)

Four Seasons in its 18" glory

my Minute Maid juice drink

It's amazing how Yellow Cab has survived (and is surviving) tough competition in the market and expanded to 86 branches in a span of 10 years. Speaking of their 10th anniversary this 2011, Yellow Cab has an ongoing promo wherein every 10th of the month, they give out a free 10" pizza for every order of an 18" pizza. This is available at all Yellow Cab branches nationwide.

my personalized Pepperoni pizza

Now I think I fully understood it when they said, "If you want great pizza, call a Cab." The Yellow Cab pizza is great because it's made only from the freshest ingredients and served to your table (or delivered to your doorstep) hot off the oven.

To get updated on Yellow Cab's latest products and promos, like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. For Yellow Cab delivery, dial 789-9999.

P.S. Thank you so much to Yellow Cab, Fonterra Philippines and Chin Taguines for the invite. I had fun and I hope to meet with you again in the future. :)

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  1. I love Yellow Cab's Charlie Chan Pasta! This post makes me hungry. :)

  2. I hate you Edel! Nagutom ako sa post mo hahaha :)) Great job! I never thought that Yellow Cab is 100% Filipino-owned! Great post! Keep it up!

  3. Yum yum! Looking forward to your birthday treat on October, right at Yellow Cab!

  4. @Morbidfrank: It's one of my favorites there as well! :)

    @Sai: Haha. Thanks! :)

    @Nicely: Wow ha. You first, that long overdue birthday treat of yours should push thru's never too late naman. :)


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