Monday, September 12, 2011

Binondo Food Trip: Dong Bei Dumpling

One crisp Sunday morning, the fiancee and I tried the very popular kuchay or steamed dumplings of Dong Bei Dumpling in Binondo (Manila's Chinatown) for the first time. We initially wanted to try just the steamed dumplings, but we ended up ordering other items from their pretty basic menu of Chinese food. Which made our supposed to be "snack" as a sort of "brunch." We didn't regret our decision as we left the place with very happy tummies.

the signage

front view of the place

At Dong Bei Dumpling, the steamed dumplings are made on the spot right after the customers have ordered them.


In a matter of minutes, our steamed dumplings were ready!


Our order of steamed dumplings was served on a plain, white plate. Priced at P100, it had a total of 14 pieces. Each piece had soft and chewy dough with a generous amount of filling. One bite and I immediately tasted the burst of flavors from the ground pork and the leeks. I think I also tasted a hint of ginger and garlic.

I dipped the dumplings into the mixture of soy-vinegar and hot chili oil to complete the experience.



I just loved 'em dumplings. The fiancee felt the same. He was even one with me in agreement that Dong Bei Dumpling serves the best steamed dumplings in the whole of Binondo!

a satisfied dumpling-eater look on yours truly's face

The rest of our steamed dumplings we paired with Dong Bei Dumpling's Fried Rice. The secret to this dish lies in its simplicity. It's basically rice mixed with spring onions, egg and some salt. At P60 per order, it can easily feed two people.


The fiancee, who's a noodle soup lover, also got a bowl of Dong Bei Dumpling's Wanton Noodle Soup (P100). It was served on our table steaming hot I almost burned my tongue. It had a few pieces of wanton and some tenga ng daga (wood ear mushrooms), fresh noodles and soup. While I enjoyed the wantons and the fresh noodles that were chewy to the bite, the soup tasted bland to me. (For me, the taste was akin to boiled water sprinkled with flour.) The fiancee, however, liked the soup a lot. I'd found out later that to make it palatable, you are to add some soy-vinegar to the soup. Errrr, fine.


To wash down all the yummy stuff, we treated ourselves to a can of Wong Lo Kat each. It's a refreshing herbal tea in a can. We highly recommend it after eating a lot of steamed dumplings from Dong Bei Dumpling.

Wong Lo Kat, P35

All in all, we had a pleasant dining experience at Dong Bei Dumpling. Don't let the non-descript appearance fool you. The place may be basic and all, but the offerings are definitely worth the trip to Binondo. I wish I could go back there soon and try their other specialties.

Dong Bei Dumpling
642 Yuchengco St.
Binondo, Manila

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  1. never been there :( but after reading this review hahanapin ko yang restau na yan. I want to taste their dumpling :)

  2. masarap sya! kain kayo ng family mo dun. kaso yun nga lang, you will really have to make time for the trip.kami sinabay namin sa pagbili ng mga pin lights. hehe. :)

  3. Sa likod yan halos ng binondo church :) love na love ko ang dong bei dumplings <3

    1. Sarap diba? I can't wait to go back to Binondo for more foodie finds! :)


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