Monday, September 5, 2011

Our First Bites at Asian Bites

Last week when the fiancee, his sister A and I went to Robinson Place Manila to buy some supplies, we had dinner at Asian Bites. It's a little Asian eatery that's located inside the supermarket, right across the cashier section. Basically, it serves Asian favorites such as sushi, dimsum, ramen, yakisoba, rice toppings and bento meals fast food style.

Unlike other fast food restos though, they don't implement a "pay as you order" system. Instead, they will have you seated in one of their tables (I think I saw only five) and hand you the laminated menu. Then, you are to choose whatever dish you like and settle your bill after finishing your meal.


As soon as I saw their rice toppings offerings, I knew what I wanted to eat.


It was none other than my favorite Katsudon, P105. For my fiancee, it was Tuna Steak (P115) and for his sister A, Spicy Chicken (P109). While waiting for our food, we entertained ourselves with the busyness of the supermarket in front of us.


I wanted to order their Siomai after seeing it on another customer's table. Unfortunately for me though, they already ran out of it. Sad.

When my Katsudon arrived, I found it too cute and had my picture taken holding it.


I'd found out later that my Katsudon wasn't just cute, it was also delicious! The pork was tender and lightly-seasoned and the sauce was tasty with the right amount of leeks and egg. I finished my bowl in five minutes. Haha.

my yummy Katsudon

I didn't taste A's Spicy Chicken but I was able to get a bite of the fiancee's Tuna Steak. I found it too plain. I don't think I'd order it when I get back to Asian Bites. (I sure will because I wanna try their siomai and ramen next time.)

Tuna Steak

Spicy Chicken

If you're craving for some Asian dishes but don't wanna spend much, you might wanna give Asian Bites a try. They offer good-tasting Asian meals at pocket-friendly prices. Plus, the place is neat and clean and the service is quite good.

My Tip: Buy your drinks from the supermarket because they only serve two kinds of drinks there: strawberry iced tea and dalandan juice.

Asian Bites
Robinson Place Manila
Ermita, Manila

(+632) 419-9716

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  1. this is the only food chain in Rob ermita that keeps me and my husband alive for 2 weeks.. hahaha.. we've tasted all their dishes.. thanks to Asian Bites..


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