Sunday, February 26, 2012

Foodie Find: Simple Line Milk Tea

Passing thru the CEU and V.Mapa High School area on my way home from a meetup with a friend, I spotted this milk tea place called Simple Line. It's a small store offering a wide variety of milk and fruit-flavored tea drinks from Taiwan. I'm not a big fan of milk tea and I didn't intend to buy any from the store but when I looked around and saw several students with Simple Line cups on their hands, I felt a bit envious and so I decided to get my own. Haha.

Simple Line tea drinks start at P40 a cup. There are only two sizes available: medium and large. There is only a P15 difference between the two so if you're a big milk tea drinker, it's more practical to get the large size already. Toppings include tapioca pearls and jelly bits and you pay an additional P5 for a serving of any of the two.


Based on my impromptu inspection, the store looked neat and clean. Even the cashier behind the counter who doubles as milk tea maker looks decent and smart.


I got myself a medium-sized Oolong Milk Tea with tapioca pearls. After paying for my milk tea and getting my order, I left the place in a snap. I drank it while walking my way to our house.


Taste wise, it was good. I could really taste the Oolong tea flavor in my milk tea. I liked that the sweetness was also just right and not the sickening kind. The tapioca pearls were soft and chewy. I enjoyed munching on them and even wanted more when they ran out. :)

I am definitely trying the other Simple Line tea flavors on my next visit to the store.

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  1. I love simple line's oolong milk tea with grass jelly! :)

  2. @Berylle Kaye Hong: will try that one with grass jelly next time! :)


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