Friday, March 13, 2009

Fish & Co. Introduces New Fish and Chips Varieties

To dine at Fish & Co. is to experience the best seafood in town. I swear by the resto's fish and chips that is sure to excite your senses, anytime of the day. Yesterday, I was able to taste the four new fish and chips varieties (India, Japan, Malaysia and US-Philadelphia) through Fish & Co. and's Prep-Up the Platter Bloggers Event.The highlight of this was a food-plating competition which was eventually won by our group (US-Philadelphia), after a sweat-inducing trip to the supermarket and a serious flexing of creative muscles.

Fish & Co.'s fish around the world platter, value for money at P795

Fish & Co. traces its roots in Singapore. Ricky Chew and Lambert Yeo started the fish and seafood restaurant in December 1998. Initially, the goal was to provide a cool, mid-level fish and seafood restaurant with an international and contemporary flair. Thousands of fish and chips servings sold later, Fish & Co. has expanded from its motherland's shores to Malaysia, Middle East, Australia, Indonesia and China. Now, it's here in the Philippines starting with three branches: Shangri-La Mall (the flagship store), Trinoma and Mall of Asia.

Fish & co. has recently come up with four flavors for its specialty fish and chips and they are:

styled Indian fish and chips

styled Japanese fish and chips

styled Malaysian fish and chips

styled US-Philadelphian fish and chips

Disclaimer: The fish and chips are not served to diners styled like that. Those were only the outputs from the food-plating competition we did.

Fish & Co. at Shangri-La Mall was gracious enough to let us sample their fish around the world platter and a couple of other dishes. Personally, I liked the Malaysian version of the fish and chips. The sambal sauce they put on top of the fish is a winner. It's hot and spicy and matches the fish well. How about you? Have you dined at Fish & Co. recently? What's your favorite among the four? Or better yet, how was your overall Fish & Co. experience?

team US-Philadelphia

sash queen

class picture, bloggers in attendance during the event

P.S. Special thanks go to Fish & Co. Philippines and for this yummy treat for bloggers. :)

Photo Credits: Aeirin

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  1. Haha, it looks like tayong dalawa pa lang sa team ang nag-post. I'll update your hyperlink to point to this. :D

  2. yep,hehe. thanks. wait ko rin yung post ng tatlo pa nating ka-teammates para malagay ko dito sa post ko. :)

  3. hi, how much money should i bring to have a nice (busog) meal there? i heard meron nang branch sa alabang (ATC sigur)

  4. @suremedia: allot P300-P500 per head. what's great is that the prices on the menu are already VAT-inclusive.happy eating! :)


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