Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Anniversary Dinner at Old Spaghetti House, SM Manila

From the ground floor, Old Spaghetti House transferred to the fourth level of SM Manila where most of the dining establishments are found today. For our 6th anniversary as couple, Edwin and I decided to celebrate at the said restaurant. Aside from its homey and relaxing ambience, Old Spaghetti House is said to boast of its good selection of pasta dishes. I wanted to find out for myself if there is truth to that claim. And so, before Edwin could change his mind, I dragged him inside the said dining place and asked for a table for two.

Just one look at the menu, the frugal me already spotted the less expensive "trio meals." Each trio meal is composed of three dishes: a serving of salad or appetizer, a medium-sized pizza and a plate of pasta. I chose the Bestseller (P585) consisting of an appetizer sampler, a medium-sized four-cheese pizza and a plate of pesto pasta with grilled chicken strips.



Edwin and I were happy to learn from the poster-underliners that we could get a pitcher of iced tea if we would pay using a Citibank credit card. Good thing Edwin had one in his wallet and so we got the freebie. No need to order and pay for drinks. Yipee.


If there's one thing we regretted bringing to our Old Spaghetti House visit, that was a camera. I needed one to take good photos of our food. Since we couldn't turn back time, I had to contend myself with my phone camera that barely did justice to our delicious food that night.

Let's start off with the appetizer sampler. We got this plate with several pieces of calamares, chicken fillet and onion rings. Funny that they all looked the same and you could only tell which was which by the shape and the taste. There's really nothing special about them; I think their saving grace was the mayo dip that tasted delish.


I liked how the iced tea at Old Spaghetti House had hints of calamansi that were just enough to enhance the flavors of the tea. It was refreshing and served its purpose well.

our free pitcher of iced tea courtesy of Citibank!

The chicken pesto was light and delicious. We loved that it was healthy and there was parmesan cheese provided by the waiter should we needed more.


The pizza, oh the four-cheese pizza, was very rich and flavorful! I loved every bite. I poured some drops of hot sauce to add some kick to it. The crispy, thin crust fit it perfectly. I didn't think it would be that delicious if it came with a thick crust. I will definitely order this on our next visit to the restaurant.


The damage? Only P600+, 12% VAT and 9% service charge included.

Old Spaghetti House is the place to go whenever you miss your aunt's Italian cooking. It's nice that their food are reasonably-priced and the service is fast. The homey ambience is also ideal for when eating out with friends and family. It offers casual dining at a relaxing atmosphere which is one of the things we always look for when dining out, ayt? :)

Old Spaghetti House
4th Level, SM City Manila

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