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Dinner Buffet at Guilly's Island, Boracay

Guilly's Island is one of the beachfront restaurants at Station 1, Boracay that serves buffet nightly. Compared to other buffets lining the long stretch of White Beach, theirs was one of the lowest-priced. For only P275, you get to sample Filipino, Japanese and Italian dishes as well as the requisite seafood, soup, salad and dessert items. It also has a separate station where you can freely choose the ingredients and toppings for your Mongolian rice bowl. While there are restaurants in Boracay that serve Mongolian buffets only, this particular Mongolian station is just part of the buffet at Guilly's. Now that's what you call value for money!


We arrived at the spacious dining place of Guilly's at around 7:00 p.m. It was a Monday which was also the last night of our birthday trip to Boracay. There were only a few diners that time and so the buffet was still generously filled. After getting a table, Edwin and I immediately went to the buffet station. I headed for the Mongolian station and filled my bowl with warm rice and noodles and the freshest meat, veggies, sauces and spices. I left it with the staff who would cook it for me. I was given a number and told to wait for my Mongolian rice bowl on our table.

my Mongolian rice bowl (uncooked)

various types of meat for the Mongolian rice bowl


some makis

Pinoy faves spread

pasta station

While waiting for my Mongolian rice bowl, I took photos of the different food on the buffet and also had a plate of carbonara pasta cooked for me. Edwin, on the other hand, got his share of the Pinoy food and a small plate of Japanese maki. We met at our table and soon after, my Mongolian rice bowl and carbonara pasta had arrived. We ate as slowly as possible to allow ourselves to appreciate the tastes and flavors of our food.



My Mongolian rice bowl looked rich and delicious. No, it actually looked and tasted rich and delicious. One of the best Mongolian rice bowls I've tried. The three kinds of meat I got (chicken, beef and squid) were fresh and juicy. The same can also be said about the veggies. I also gave some credit to myself because I was the one who chose the right amount of ingredients and toppings that went into it. Haha.

my Mongolian rice bowl (cooked)

On the other hand, I found my carbonara pasta dry and bland. The white sauce (bechamel) tasted weird and the meat was scarce. I thought the only thing that gave it a bit of saltiness was the parmesan cheese. I didn't like it, to be honest. It was actually Edwin who finished my plate.

I cannot tell how the Filipino dishes tasted like but if we would base it from Edwin's empty plate after our dinner, then I could say they're good.

This soup of sinigang na tuna sa miso was very comforting. Its marriage of salty and sour flavors was perfect for our taste buds. Edwin even happily commented that it was his kind of fish sinigang. I'm not a soup person but when Edwin gave me a small bowl of this, I was able to finish it in no time.


As for these Japanese makis and calamares, they were also delicious but I was already too full with my Mongolian rice bowl to appreciate them fully. But I wasn't able to say no to the oysters as they were refreshing, a real seafood treat! Edwin and I got so stuffed that we opted not to try the salad and the desserts anymore.


fresh oysters are love

The P275 per head dinner buffet at Guilly's Island comes with a complimentary glass of ordinary iced tea. Oooops, and one thing that sets them apart from other buffets in Boracay is that they don't have a "no leftover" policy. This means you can have as much food as you want without worrying that you'd pay double if ever you leave some on your plate after your meal.

The service at Guilly's Island was okay. Not too friendly but never pushy. That night, the place was half-filled and so I was able to take snapshots without getting the attention of the other diners. I liked it that the restaurant had more than enough tables. It seemed to me that they really catered to a big crowd. In a place like Boracay, I don't think drawing people to your establishment is a problem. The huge restaurant space they have is actually an edge.


this beautiful white lantern and a few more adorn the resto's interiors


Guilly's Island
(beside Ababu Persian Kitchen)
Station 1, White Beach
Boracay Island
Malay, Aklan

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