Thursday, December 23, 2010

My First Taste of Big Daddy's Chicken

After applying for passports at the DFA through its courtesy lane for government employees, Edwin and I had a delicious and filling lunch at Big Daddy's Chicken-Mall of Asia. It's a Taiwan brand and became popular for its crispy chicken chops that come in five exciting flavors: original, chili, lemon, nori and plum.

the newest branch of Big Daddy's Chicken in Mall of Asia

The food choices (and seats) at Big Daddy's are limited and they're ideal for people on-the-go, those who prefer a quick lunch/dinner over a long, sit-down meal. Here, ordering is a no-brainer. You are given two choices for the set meals: chop+rice+soup and chop+creamy pasta. This applies both for the chicken and the porky chops.

Big Daddy's Chicken menu; click image to expand

I got curious about this fast food after hearing my blogger friends' raves on it. I got the highly recommended chicken chop+ creamy pasta combo at P95. Since the breaded meat chops came in various flavors, I had to choose which one I should try. It was my first time at Big Daddy's so I went for the all-time favorite flavor-- plum. Edwin, on the other hand, got the porky chop+ rice+soup combo at P90. His chop was in chili.

plum chicken chop

chili porky chop

For drinks, I had the royal milk tea (P60) and the boyfriend chose the iced green tea (P30). We also got an order of their yummy spiral potato on stick in pesto garlic sauce (P50). I really liked this one because of three things: the presentation was cute, the potato tasted fresh and I'm a big fan of anything with pesto on it!

the unique take on the lowly potato, presentation wise


So, what can I say? First of all, the food servings were generous. My chicken chop was crispy (I wonder what breading they used) and flavorful! It was a bit on the sweet side, though, because of the plum. I think I liked Edwin's chili pork chop better. The pasta that went with my chicken chops was saucy and delicious. It was simple like that and I had no complaints.

I noticed that the breaded meat chops were not completely in fillet form as they had small bones inside. One should be aware of that to prevent choking, especially if you're feeding this to a child.

the bones I collected from my chicken chop

I found the royal milk tea with three jewels (three kinds of sweet jellies)lacking in sugar. When I asked the sole lady manning the counter (and who did everything from getting our order, cooking and serving the food to us) about it, she said it was supposed to be bland. Weird.


I didn't get to taste Edwin's drink but he finished it so I guess it was good. Plus it was healthy since it had green tea in it. So there.


Things I liked about Big Daddy's Chicken-MOA:

great-tasting food
affordable food prices (value for money)
clean and neat eating area

Things I didn't like:

slow and not-so friendly service
limited food and drink items
limited seats

Have you tried Big Daddy's Chicken yet? How was your experience?

Big Daddy's Chicken
G/F Entertainment Mall (near Music Hall, in front of Bowling Centre, Crepes and Cream and Time Zone)
Mall of Asia, Pasay City

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  1. wow, nice find. I work in MoA for 2.5yrs now, pero di ko pa yan natry.. Try ko later =)

  2. I cant drop a comment in life in manila site.. Ewan ko ba..

    "wee, ready na for the asian trip! naks!
    and thank you for checking out my blog =)"

  3. @chyng: yep, msarap sya kaya try mo na!about our asian trip naman, uu super excited na kami. four kami lahat na magtatravel. :)


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