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Goodfellas Steaks and Burgers: The Goodfella Foodie's Paradise

Last night, fellow food bloggers and I trooped to Goodfellas Steaks and Burgers in Kamuning, Quezon City for an exclusive food tasting. It rained hard early in the evening but it didn't stop us from enjoying the American food with Italian influences served to us later in the night. No counting of calories, please.

Goodfellas Steaks & Burgers is not just your ordinary dining place. For one, its interiors are Mafia-inspired and the food items, you bet, are Mafia-named as well.

the wall decors feature scenes from Mafia movies such as those from "The Godfather"

the dining area

Their specialties, as the name of the restaurant suggests, are steaks and burgers. We were lucky to have sampled several dishes and here are some of them:

I think this Margherita Burger (P220, Solo; P275, Meal) is the healthiest choice among the burger items on the menu. It's basically beef patty with cheese, tomato, bacon and pesto sauce on oatie bun. I tried a portion of this with some mayo and catsup and it was yummy. The burger patty was perfectly grilled, juicy and thick (at 100 grams to be exact).

Gotti's Cheese (P365). These giant mozarella sticks were crunchy outside and chewy inside. My first time to see mozarella sticks 6" to 8" long. The dip was tomato salsa instead of the usual mayo. They come in 3's per order.

I didn't get to try this Wiseguy Burger (P295, Solo; P345, Meal) but, looking at it now, I'm salivating already.

Pat and Geno's (P220, Solo; P270 Combo). Goodfellas' take on the popular Philly cheese steak sandwich is something worth coming back for. They used Angus beef for this one and so the meat was tender and juicy. The marriage of flavors from the beef, the melted cheese and the caramelized onions was gratifyingly delicious. The bread used was ciabatta or Italian white bread. This is going to be part of my order on my next visit. Promise.

These crispy Potato Chips (P120, Solo) in mayo-catsup dip are simple but irresistible. It's noteworthy that the crispiness of the potato chips lasted long after we have finished taking photos of all the food served to our table.

The steaks came with two side dishes and two choices of sauce: gravy and balsamic vinegar dip. Among the steaks which are all U.S. certified Angus beef, I prefer the Michael's Prime (P995) the most. The Santino's (P975) was okay except that it didn't have enough marbling to keep me satisfied. The Goodfellas House Steak (P345), on the other hand, looked overwhelmingly big in all of its 1/4 kilo, well-done glory. I had a taste and I liked that it's charred outside but brown and juicy inside. With Michael's Prime, the meat was tender and flavorful and there was enough marbling of tasty fat to excite my palate. It was cooked medium well and I thought it was really the right doneness for me to enjoy its beefy goodness fully.

Jimmy Two Times (P295) was another hit among the food served to us. It's part of the meal items on the menu. It's two-way porkchop (grilled and breaded) topped with cheese and mushrooms.

Gambino Family (P425). Literally, this was a family of plump shrimps cooked 'gambas' style and with the addition of mushrooms. The soft meat of the shrimps and the tasty garlic bits made this dish a must-order.

Goodfellas' Caesar Salad (P275) was a plate of lettuce, crispy bacon and croutons in Caesar dressing which I heard the restaurant makes from scratch. It's fresh, delicious and healthy, just like what a salad should be.

Flamingo Wings (P220, Solo; P395 To Share). This is their version of the spicy buffalo wings. I tried just a piece and found it on the sour side. The level of spiciness was just right, nothing that required a high threshold to chili. It's creamy blue cheese dip made this dish more interesting.

Frenchy (P120). I loved 'em steak fries. I think I ate more than five pieces of these crispy potato goodness. Dipped in mayo and catsup combo, it sure can get the binge-eating started anytime. The perfect snack to ruin one's diet. Who cares about dieting, anyway?

We weren't able to try the desserts because the owners were in the process of doing some revamp/conceptualization but according to one of the crew, the all-time favorite Toblerone cheesecake is gonna get retained on the menu. Dessert-deprived as we might had been, we were fortunate to sample two of their Shotgun Lunch Specials: the Sammy "The Bull" Gravano (P185) and the Pollo "Chicken" Rackettes (P185). Normally, they only serve them during lunch time but that night was an exception.

Sammy is sauteed Hungarian sausage with buttered veggies and the optional mashed potato or pilaf rice.

Pollo is barbecue-marinated chicken quarter with the same side dishes. Between the two, my taste buds went for the Hungarian sausage dish because it was spicy and flavorful.

To add more Mafia inspirations to their restaurant, they have gangster props (fake guns and fedora hats) available for picture-taking purposes. Cool, ayt?

unleashing the gangstah in me

the gangstah Superfriends

our group

the resto's entrance

Overall, Goodfellas Steaks and Burgers is a quirky hang-out place to take your family and friends to at any day when you just want to chill out, eat good steaks and burgers (plus more!) and enjoy good company. The location is laidback (being in a residential area) which makes it more appealing for those who prefer a quiter atmosphere that the nearby Tomas Morato can't offer. It offers a no-frills dining experience at reasonable prices. The staff are attentive and the restroom is clean. Allot P300 per head. The servings are huge so sharing is highly recommended. Unless you're a big-eater like I can be at times.

Thank you very much to Goodfellas Steaks and Burgers and freelance PR consultant Annesy del Mundo for this yet another blogger treat.

Goodfellas Steaks and Burgers
56 T. Gener cor. K-1st Sts.
Kamuning, Quezon City

(+632) 413-3187

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