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Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo: The Ultimate Place for Good Pizza, Pasta and More

Another food tasting invite came; who was I to complain? I was on pizza heaven last week together with my blogger friends to sample the offerings of Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo, a fast-growing local pizza chain serving one of the best-tasting pizzas in Manila. The branch we visited was the one at City Golf Plaza, Ortigas Center.


The Different Flavors of Pizza

pizza tall

I'm a pizza lover and I can say I've tasted both great and crappy pizzas before so I kinda had high expectations with Angel's pizza offerings. Good thing they didn't disappoint!

Nothing really beats a hot-off-the-oven pizza. The aroma was just heavenly. I was already salivating while taking photos of the three flavors of pizza served to us. They all tasted fresh and delicious. The pizza crusts were soft, chewy and crunchy all at the same time because they were hand-tossed (a mark of authentic Italian pizza!). After several bites, I knew my expectations had been met. I also tasted a hint of sweetness in the pizza sauce. I welcomed it with open arms, err, opened mouth. I prefer my pizza sauce to be a bit on the sweet side, allowing the toppings to create a medley of flavors for a fantastic pizza experience.

Angel's Double Cheesy Melt, P599 (Big Family)

I tried hard not to play favorites but the one that left a lasting impression to me was the Double Cheesy Melt. This two layers of flavorful pizza (one was topped with gooey cheese while the other had loads of pepperoni) was very satisfying. I had a hard time resisting having another serving. Aaaargh.

Angel's Double Cheeseburger, P599 (Big Family)

bbq chix
Angel's Style, P555 (Big Family)

I'm not a big fan of the Double Cheeseburger (a blogger friend said it was good, though) so my another favorite would be the Angel's Style. It had loads of mushroom, onion and bbq chicken strips. It tasted sweet and savory at the same time because of the special bbq sauce. I loved it!

the two pizza dips, P25 each

When they provided us with two pizza dips (sour cream and tangy tomato), I dipped it into the sour cream by instinct. The tartness of the sour cream gave a nice contrast to the sweet-savory taste of the pizza. I really enjoyed it up to the last bite.

The Different Pastas in a Dough

Classic Spaghetti in a Dough, P189

Carbonara Pasta in a Dough, P199

Tuna Pesto Pasta in a Dough, P199

The Pasta in a Dough gives a fresh take to the regular pasta and garlic bread combo. I have to give it to Angel's Pizza for this innovative concept. They served three to us: Carbonara, Classic Spaghetti and Tuna Pesto. I'm a big fan of Pinoy style spaghetti that's why my heart went for the second one. I particularly enjoyed the sweet-tangy sauce that enveloped this dish and gave it a delicious finish. Both the carbonara and the pesto tasted okay, though. Go easy on the yummy crust, though, as it could make you feel full fast because of all those carbs.

The Calzones

flavors from left to right: bbq chicken, pesto and ham, beef & mushrooms

Because I was already full what with the three pizza slices and spoonfuls of pasta I wolfed down, I just tried a bit of the three kinds of calzone. Each had its distinctive flavor but I think I liked the chicken one best. My palate welcomed the sweet-tangy taste of the filling with gusto. The pesto one was a bit dry for my taste I thought it could use more oil and pesto sauce. That, or maybe it had dried up already because we took photos first before actually tasting them.

The Rice Meals


To make for a complete casual dining experience, Angel's pizza also has some rice meals on its straightforward menu. That night, they served us two: crispy fried chicken and breaded pork belly. The fried chicken was well-seasoned and had very light breading which made the skin crispier than ever. I skipped the pork belly but to me it looked crispy and delicious, too.

The Ultimate Dessert


What's a meal without desserts? To cap off our already carbo-loaded dinner, we had their sinful Brownie Squares, P85. Boy, was it huge from a far! Up close, it was hot and had small squares for sharing. It came with a frozen chocolate dip. When I spread the dip onto the hot brownie squares, it started to melt because of the heat. It looked divine, talk about double chocolatey goodness. The brownie was soft, moist, gooey and sweet. I had several bites before calling it quits. One word: addicting!

the slow chocolate melting moment

Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo is one of the restaurants serving the denizens of City Golf Plaza. The place is quite small and laidback but it has a nice balcony for al fresco dining that's fronting the road (Doña Julia Vargas Avenue). I can imagine a second visit to the place with my close college friends, you know, for a catch-up session over delicious pizza. That sounds fun, ayt? I'm also glad that it's affordable, like, we could just allot P300 per head and have a good meal of pizza and pasta and still afford to have desserts. Plus, they give  freebies and/or discounts to SM Advantage, SM Prestige, BDO Rewards and Laking National  Bookstore cardholders. How's that? 

If somehow this post made you crave for some Angel's pizza, get 'a taste of heaven at your doorstep,' NOW. Check out this photo to know what number to call:

Angel's Pizza delivery hotline

Angel's Pizza has an ongoing promo pizza lovers will surely love:

Buy 1 Take 1 Promo
(DI - dine in; TO- take out; DE - delivery)

Makati Store
10am-1pm DI TO DE
12mid to 3am DI TO only

Kalayaan QC Store
10am to 1pm DI TO DE

Fairview Store
10am to 1pm DI TO DE

1:01 pm -11pm DI TO only and for BIG FAMILY only

Pasig Store
10am-1pm DI TO DE
10pm-12mid DI TO DE

10am-1pm DI TO DE
9pm-11 pm DI TO DE

10am to 1pm DI TO DE

All day B1T1-DI TO DE
10 am to 11pm

Know the food prices at Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo by checking out the complete menu here, here and here.

group pic
our foodie bloggers group

Thank you to Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo for the awesome pizza treat. Thank you, also and once again, to our PR friend Annesy del Mundo for the invite. :)

Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo
City Golf Plaza
Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Delivery Hotline: 922-2222

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  1. Now that's some review for Angel's Pizza. That brownie sure looks addicting. Was able to try Angel's too but through delivery only.

  2. Haven't been to Angel's yet. But I'm looking forward to your treat.

  3. @kitten: thanks dear!

    @Rdigital Multimedia Productions: according to my PR friend annesy del mundo, no they're not. Angel's Pizza is 100% pinoy. different owner, i think. :)

    @superf: what treat? i'm feel like sleeping now..haha. :)

  4. Looking at these photos, I'm pretty disappointed with what Angel's Pque branch delivered to us last night. We bought a VIP card for the buy 1, take 1 promos and used it for the first time last night. We ordered a big family Cheesy Burger and got Angel's Aloha for the free medium pizza. The person who took our order asked us if it was okay for us to wait because the Pque branch had a lot of orders, and I was okay with that. The wait wasn't the issue; it was the pizza itself. I was really, really disappointed with how little the toppings and cheese were on the pizza (and to think it was called CHEESY burger). The Angel's Aloha was okay. And the brownies too. Nothing special though.

    I don't know if it was because we had a promo order or because the branch was so busy that our pizza suffered in its quality. I'll probably still give Angel's a second chance. Sayang rin ung 400 na binayad ko for the VIP card. But if our next order still sucks, I'm going back to Yellow Cab. Mahal nga but at least sulit ang lasa sa Yellow Cab.


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