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It's Porky Goodness and More at The Flying Pig Super Swine Diner and Cafe

Last night, I met up with several blogger friends to enjoy the offerings of The Flying Pig : Super Swine Diner and Cafe at Eastwood Mall, Libis. It is part of the Red Crab Group of Restaurants. The place is pretty easy to locate. It is sandwiched between Blu Fish by Red Crab (its tandem establishment) and John Rockets, on the left side of the mall's veranda when you're facing the fountains. They serve mainly pork dishes (you guessed it right!) with the addition of some chicken and beef items. Knowing this had been scheduled days ahead, I really braced myself for an evening of porky goodness, of which I have been very satisfied. Pinoys love pork and in this restaurant, you can have all the pork dishes you could ever want.


My first impression upon arriving at Flying Pig was quite good. For one, I was greeted with an American diner setting whose interiors had a modern feel to it, making the restaurant look posh and neat along with white tables and red chairs that for me, added a touch of elegance to the place. I found myself smiling in appreciation after noticing that the restaurant was filled with sketches of cute, flying pigs hanging on the wall. Whoever thought of this had a good sense of taste and  creativity. The highlight of 'em cute pigs was, of course, the Super Swine which was installed in one corner and was very visible to people coming in.

pay homage to Flying Pig's Super Swine!

I found Flying Pig's space small with only several tables inside. But I was glad the management made up for it by setting up tables outside to accommodate more diners and give them the option to dine al fresco.

After a little chitchat with fellow bloggers, food started to arrive on our table one after another. Instantly, my mouth watered and my stomach grumbled. Who wouldn't if you'd see this much food in front of you?


This basket of bread came warm and free! The focaccia was soft and chewy. Each piece was butter-laden and sprinkled with some herbs. It was a great way to start a hearty dinner that awaited us that night.


Apple Cream Soup, P175. This soup had nice presentation and tasted even nicer. The thick consistency of the soup had enough apple cream, apple bits and bacon bits to make me satisfied. It also reminded me of french onion soup because when I dug my spoon deeper into the bread bowl, I was able to scrape some damp bread along with the soup. Haha.


Bacon and Blue Cheese Salad, P355. This was romaine lettuce with croutons, cherry tomatoes, walnuts, thinly-sliced apple and blue cheese in classic vinaigrette. I enjoyed this salad a lot because the sweetness of the apple and the rich, tangy flavor of blue cheese complemented the sourness of the vinaigrette well.


Kung Fu Spiced Spare Ribs, P385. Fret not people who are not fond of spicy food, this was far from being spicy. It was just the fragrant oil from the chilies that was present in this dish. I also got to taste the well-seasoned spare ribs, tender and best eaten with the julienned green bell pepper and caramelized white onions that added a sweet, juicy flavor to the meat.


The Flying Pig, P295. I was surprised to find out Flying Pig wasn't only the name of the restaurant but the name of one of their best-selling appetizers as well. These were buffalo chicken wings wrapped in bacon and came with some carrot and celery sticks plus a blue cheese dip. The chicken wings had a combination of spicy, sweet and sour flavors in my mouth. The bacon that wrapped the chicken wings, on the other hand, gave them their signature crunch and saltiness which I enjoyed very much. The blue cheese dip was good, too.


Cuchi Frito (Solo-P365,Quarter-P689 and Half-P1,250). This quarter of a roasted suckling pig was a delight in its own right. Don't be deceived, though. The pork skin is crispier than it looks on the photo. I loved how you could easily separate the fat from the thin, crispy pork skin. (This is perfect if you're watching your cholesterol levels but still want to indulge in something as glorious and fatty as this one.) The meat was oh-so tender and had a light, clean taste you could easily tell it was lightly-seasoned and had none of those complex spices. But still, it was tasty up to the last bite. I also heard it was made from a 5-week old pig. No wonder it was sweet, juicy and flavorful all at the same time. For pork lovers out there, this is a must-order when you dine at Flying Pig!


The Pork Treasure Pot, P595. This was Chinese style pot composed of spare ribs with mushrooms, bokchoy, steamed eggplant, brocolli and flavored Jasponica rice. It was delicious and smelled good, too because of the star anise in the rice. I liked the richness in flavors found in this dish. The ribs alone were yummy but when paired with the rice, it was just perfect.


Slowly-Cooked Kurobota Pork Belly, P395. For the uninitiated, kurobota is the most highly prized pork in Japan. It comes from the ancient breed of pig known as Black Berkshire. Not all restaurants serve this because it's expensive. I was happy to find out Flying Pig had this on their menu. Kurobota pork has fine marbling and shorter muscle fibers which contribute to its tenderness once cooked. True enough, this kurobuta dish from Flying Pig delivered! I especially liked the delicate texture and the sweet, rich flavor of the meat. I think I got more than my supposed share of this specialty dish. Sorry, guys. Haha.


Three Little Pigs Cabbage Rolls, P265. One of my fave veggies is cabbage and this dish gave a unique touch to it thru the addition of cheddar cheese. This was baked to perfection and was an instant hit among us.


Pata Tim Pata Tom, P595. This is my least favorite among the batch. I dunno, perhaps it's because this is the last dish I tried and I was already full from all the food I consumed. But don't get me wrong, this is good and you'll surely enjoy the tender, tasty meat.

For desserts, we had a chocolate cake, a cheesecake and a panacotta. The chocolate cake was good and the cheesecake tasted light and not too sweet.



My heart was won by the Italian custard dessert, though. It was sweet and creamy with a smooth and thick consistency. Just how I like my pana cotta to be.

this panacotta is love!

Special mention goes to Flying Pig's house blend iced tea. It was red tea, actually, with shaved ice and syrup in a cocktail glass. This was good but maybe next time, I'll ask them to lessen its sweetness or ask for more ice, whichever is possible.


Prices at Flying Pig are reasonable. A dish can go anywhere from P150 to P1,300 but usually, the food are good for sharing. The service during our visit, on the other hand, was fast and friendly. And I liked the uniform of the staff. It was a 3/4 sleeve shirt printed with the Super Swine character and jeans that looked very casual and comfy. I hope they come up with a mascot of Super Swine soon, to complement the photo standees of Super Swine and his girl that never fail to draw the attention of the crowd outside.

my cute blogger friends Nice and Flow striking a piggy pose, haha

This is one food trip that I won't mind taking again. Good food + good company = one awesome night. Thank you, Ms. Xchosa and Alex for introducing Flying Pig to us. I had a great time, really.

our group

Given this fun and satisfying dining experience I had at Flying Pig, I am definitely going back. And I hope to take my entire family there, too!

Flying Pig
G/F Eastwood Mall
Libis, Quezon City

+632 900-0886

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