Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kenny Rogers Roasters' Hainanese Chicken, Frozen Yoghurt and Phil Younghusband

Kenny Rogers Roasters (KRR), one of my favorite casual dining restaurants, continues its tradition of providing deliciously healthy options to diners with the launch of its new products and new brand ambassadors. I had the pleasure of tasting 'em new products and meeting 'em new brand ambassadors last night at Kenny's Katipunan Branch. I'm so glad I didn't let this golden opportunity pass.

Superf Nice and I arrived tad early and took advantage of the situation by chatting with fellow bloggers. Soon after, more bloggers came in and the program started. We were introduced to Kenny Roger's new products and before we knew it, dinner was served.


Kenny Roger's Hainanese Chicken

From their classic roasted chicken, Kenny Rogers' added another deliciously healthy chicken item on their menu -- the Hainanese Chicken. Touted as Singapore's national dish, Hainanese Chicken has easily become a popular food worldwide because of its distinct oriental flavors and healthy goodness. Now we don't have to fly to Singapore to enjoy this dish because Kenny Roger's has it! For P185, you get a serving of 1/4 perfectly poached chicken that comes with soup, three sauces (sambal or chili sauce, ginger oil and sweet soy sauce) and flavor-infused chicken rice.

Hainanese Chicken
in print


up close and personal

I personally tried it last night and it was good. The Hainanese chicken was juicy and tender and the three sauces breathed more life into it. I paired it with the flavor-infused Hainanese rice and it was just perfect. As with the soup, it was a bit salty to my taste but I found a way to neutralize the saltiness by adding it to my rice. And it worked! Haha.


Kenny Rogers' Frozen Yoghurt

Another new product from Kenny Roger's that's sure to win your heart is the Frozen Yoghurt. For just P35 (small) and P55 (big), this yummy snack/dessert is very affordable. Combining the unique tangy flavor of yoghurt and the natural creaminess of ice cream, a serving of Kenny Roger's Frozen Yoghurt offers a sweet end to your meal. Add P10 for each topping. Choices include mango, mixed fruits, graham crackers and brownie bits.

my frozen yoghurt

more fro-yo goodness

I love brownies so my Frozen Yoghurt had brownie bits on top. It was sinful, I tell you! I liked that there was a perfect balance of creaminess and tanginess in every spoonful. The brownie bits, on the other hand, added a crunchy-gooey texture and made the fro-yo more interesting.

me enjoying my fro-yo

Kenny Roger's New Brand Ambassadors

For this year, Kenny Roger's has chosen individuals who are at the top of their game to represent the brand. They are Phil and Jame Younghusband of the Azkals' fame (our very own Philippine Football Team), professional surfer Lorraine Lapus and professional triathlete Mica Tantuico.


During the event, we met just two: Phil Younghusband and Mica Tantuico. They were very cool and accommodating. We were given a chance to ask them questions and they gamely answered each one. Topics range from their guilty food pleasures and hobbies to their career and personal life. And then of course, we had the requisite photo-op with them. I have to admit I got starstruck with the famous football guy. Yay!


with Phil Younghusband and Mica Tantuico

Have you seen the new Kenny Roger's 30 seconder TVC featuring their new brand ambassadors?

Thank you to Kenny Rogers Philippines and to Ms. Tina Papera for the invite. It was a fun bloggers' night and I had a great time. More power!

group pic taken from the Kenny Rogers Roasters FB Page

To get updated with Kenny Rogers Roasters promos and happenings, check out the Kenny Roger's Website and like their Kenny Roger's Facebook Page.

Craving for these new products from Kenny Roger's? Just dial (+632) 533-8888 or order online thru their website.

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  1. siguro I tasted this Hainanese chix offering ng KRR a month ago. and we had the same comment, I don't have to go back to SG just to satisfy my cravings for one sa mga Hawkers center doon. of course nothing beats the original, pero pwede na! :)

    wow, si Phil! ang swerte naman. minsan naman iangkas niyo ako ni Nice sa mga bloggers' night na yan! :)


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