Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mr. Jones: Casual Dining, American Style

The groupon addict (and frugal) in me struck again. This time, the vouchers were for Mr. Jones in Greenbelt 5 Makati. I bought it for P500 and we got a total food value of P1,000 from the restaurant. We went on a Sunday night at around 7:00 p.m. I called the reservation in advance but found out they didn't accept reservations during weekends. You just show up there and if they have table, they give it to you. If in case they don't have, you get waitlisted and seated once a table gets empty. Sounds fair and decent, if you'll ask me.


The restaurant's theme is inspired by the 1960's contemporary American diner. It looked and felt vintage to me during our visit. There were only a few groups dining when we arrived, so we got seated immediately. I think I saw only six tables inside. The al fresco dining area had several tables and if it weren't very humid that night, we would've dined outside to better enjoy the ambience.


After browsing the menu, I settled for the Big Mama's Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf (P395) while Edwin hand-picked the popular US Ribcap "Tapa and Garlic Overload" (P295). For drinks, Edwin had their Bottled "Pop" (P95) which could be any soda: Coke, Sprite, Royal, etc. I, on the other hand, got from their line of "Diner" Milkshake and chose the Blueberry Granola Yogurt Slim Shake (P250) just because I saw the tag line "not as many calories" below it. Haha. Seriously, granola and yogurt were a healthy combination so, why not?

Mr. Jones' menu had a wide variety of American food. I spotted some salads, burgers, breakfast fares and entrees. They also had desserts and of course, wine and cocktail selections.

Our drinks arrived first. I sipped through my milkshake and liked its richness and the fact that it was not too sweet. It came in a tall glass with 1 piece of cherry on top. There was also another glass provided containing what could possibly be left over from the blender. Cool! Edwin's drink was presented in the form of a 355 ml. bottle of Coke with a glass filled with ice and a slice of lemon.




Our meals came a little more than 10 minutes after the drinks did. I was hungry already so I started eating right after taking some food photos for this blog using Edwin's iPhone 4. Our meals came in American size servings. I even felt intimidated by our big plates at first. I remember the same thing happened when we dined at TGI Friday's before, but that's a different story altogether.

I got two 1-inch thick meat loaves with sides of mashed potatoes and buttered baby carrots and French beans. The meat loaves were as real as it could get, very far from the canned meat loaf I was used to eating. The peppery gravy that went with it made the meat loaves more interesting to me, gastronomically speaking.

my Sunday dinner at Mr. Jones

thick and tasty meat loaves!

The taste of the meat loaves actually resembled that of a burger patty minus the full texture and the smokey flavor of the beef. The mashed potatoes were light and tasty and the veggies were crunchy and well-seasoned. It was a good meal but I got full instantly I had to share the rest with Edwin.


Edwin's Pinoy tapa-inspired meal was pretty good, too. It came with a cup of rice, vinegar dip, pickled papaya (atchara), two sunny-side up eggs and two orange wedges. I tried a few spoonfuls of the tapa and it was on the sweet-salty side. It was the kind that needed lotsa rice to balance the flavors. The garlic bits were crunchy and added flavor to the tapa. Edwin found his meal a bit overwhelming also but he managed to finish it off in the end.

One good thing noteworthy about Mr. Jones is the attentiveness of its service staff. They were not really friendly, just attentive to our needs and I appreciated that. I also liked it that the restaurant's menu gives a lot of choices to diners who would like to experience casual dining, American style in the cozy Greenbelt Makati. Watch out for a bigger and better Mr. Jones because they're currently working on expanding their space as evidenced by the banner hanging on the left side of the restaurant.


Food prices at Mr. Jones are a bit steep. Meals range from P295 up and that doesn't even include appetizers or drinks yet. I suggest allotting P500 per head. No worries, though, because you'd get what you'd pay for. And they have nice ambience and attentive staff so you're bound to get a good dining experience. Country music on the background, too. This could take you back to memory lane so be prepared to reminisce about your youth. Haha.


The people behind Mr. Jones are the same group that brought us Museum Cafe, Momo Cafe and Chelsea Market and Cafe.

Mr. Jones
Level 1, Greenbelt 5
Ayala Center, Makati

(+632) 501-3682
(+632) 501-3111

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  1. What a glorious dinner indeed that was! We also purchased the same deal, and we had a blast with it during my son's birthday!
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