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Fuss-Free and Flavorful Persian Food at World Class Persian Kebab

After getting a laser underarm hair removal treatment from White Beauty Face and Body Center (West Avenue branch), I asked my two companions for the night (the fiancee and his sister Albie) to have dinner at World Class Persian Kebab located on the corner of Tomas Morato and E. Rodriguez, Jr., Avenue. I have heard good feedbacks about the restaurant online and thought it was the perfect opportunity to sample their offerings since it's within the vicinity.


World Class Persian Kebab is housed in an old building along with other small establishments. The restaurant has several tables inside and a few more outside. Aside from the orange and yellow color combination of the interiors, two things I easily noticed during our visit were the low ceiling and the not so neat surroundings.


When we got seated, the waitress immediately approached us and handed us their laminated menu. We already knew what to order. Edwin had Beef Shawarma with Jasmine Rice (P95), Albie got Chicken Shawarma with Basmati Rice (P120) and I settled for the popular Chelo Kebab with Basmati Rice (P170). While they got soda for drinks (P30 per can), I opted to try their Green Mango Yogurt Shake (P50). I initially asked for the Lassi but the girl said they didn't have it that night.

I think we had waited for about 10 minutes before our individual orders arrived. I was expecting my food (especially my rice)to be served hot (it was a chilly night, after all) but it was just on the warm side. For me, it felt like they just reheated it or something. The taste, however, was a different story.

My Chelo Kebab, which was a plate of long-grained Basmati rice with a slice of butter on top, two pieces of beef (a kebab and a tenderloin), two grilled tomatoes and one half grilled white onion, was satisfying. The kebab was juicy and flavorful while the tenderloin was well-seasoned but was a bit on the chewy side because of the presence of some ligaments in it. I mixed my Basmati rice with the butter and ate the kebab along with the grilled tomatoes and onion. Each bite was a delight to my taste buds. Yum. Never mind the aftertastes from the onion and the strong flavors of the kebab that went home with me. Haha.

Chelo Kebab

Both Edwin and Albie had shawarma rice, the only difference was the meat used. They each had a plate of rice with shawarma and some sliced tomatoes, white onion, cucumber and Baguio pechay (similar to the Chinese's wom bok). They both liked their meal so I guess they tasted good as well.

Chicken Shawarma Rice

Beef Shawarma Rice

This condiment duo surely did a great job adding flavor and spice to our meals:

chili and garlic sauces

My green mango shake was cool and refreshing. I like that it had just the right sweetness and ice texture. It came in a medium glass which made me think it's worth its P50 price tag.

Green Mango Yogurt Shake


World Class Persian Kebab is open 24/7. I like the fact that it offers no frills dining and serves good Persian food at affordable prices. I just hope they issue a uniform to their waitresses as they are just wearing casual clothes and you could barely distinguish them from the diners except when you take note of the way they speak and look. I also hope they train their staff more about taking orders and dealing with customers. The girl who took our order sounded as if she was in a hurry and was in a serious mode all throughout our conversation. A smile goes a long way and is always appreciated.

with the fiancee

with his sister Albie

Did I mention parking is not a problem here? They have parking spaces in front and on the Tomas Morato side of the restaurant. Plus, there is a parking lot beside the building on the E. Rodriguez, Jr. Ave. side that charges a meager sum of P20 per vehicle (the lowest I've seen in a Metro Manila parking lot).

Things I liked:

the fuss-free and flavorful Persian food
the refreshing Green Mango Yogurt Shake
ample parking spaces

Things I didn't like:

the hurried and not so friendly service
the not so clean restrooms
the poor maintenance of the dining area

Food wise, the restaurant is a must-visit. But if you want better ambience and a more maintained dining area and restrooms, try checking out the other kebab places in the metro.

Photo taken from

World Class Persian Kebab
Tomas Morato cor. E. Rodriguez Ave.
Quezon City

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