Monday, July 11, 2011

Tom Yum Thai at Mall of Asia Food Court

The fiancée and I went to Mall of Asia (MOA) Friday night to pay some bills and reclaim some USB he asked to be replaced a few weeks ago. We had dinner at one of those food stalls that dotted the MOA Food Court. We chanced upon this stall that serves Thai food. The name was Tom Yum Thai by Jatujak. If I’m not mistaken, Jatujak is a Thai restaurant and it also has a branch at MOA.


The delicious Pad Thai I tasted at Makan Makan Asian Food Village in Manila Ocean Park was what made me decide to eat at Tom Yum Thai. I thought I'd try their version of the dish. I was also craving for some Thai iced tea, so yeah, the fiancée just had to agree, or else…

By the way, he ordered Bagoong Rice (P80) which was a complete meal in itself. He also got a can of Coke (P30) to go with it. I, on the other hand, had my Pad Thai (P70) and a glass of Thai Iced Tea (P35). We also got a free Pandan Rice Cake (normally P20 per piece) after I showed the cashier my SM Advantage Card (I love freebies!).

this Pandan Rice Cake tasted a lot like Maja Blanca, only it had some mashed beans inside

Two words to describe the food at Tom Yum Thai: delicious and affordable. The fiancee’s Bagoong Rice was very tasty. It had some flavored minced pork, fresh green mango strips, fresh onion slices, scrambled egg and chilies arranged beautifully in a plate. He mixed them all together and ate everything with gusto.



My Pad Thai came in huge serving. I loved the simple presentation. I was expecting some seafood in it but I saw none. Instead, it had some chicken slices along with the basic scrambled egg, ground peanuts, fresh cucumber slices and fresh mung bean sprouts. The sweetness of the dish was too much for my liking. I remedied this by mixing in some dried chilies and what do you know, it worked like magic! My Pad Thai tasted a lot better.



Though the Pad Thai at Makan Makan is way better than Tom Yum Thai’s, this will do if you’re having some Pad Thai craving and this is the nearest place to get it from. Just make sure to add some dried chilies (just like what I did) to neutralize the sweetness of the dish.

My Thai Iced Tea looked and tasted like the real thing. And for just P35 for a medium glass, I think this is so sulit (worth the price).


Personally speaking, I think Tom Yum Thai is Jatujak’s way of reaching out to a bigger market. Nice move, I say. Now you don’t have to go far to have a taste of Thailand fast food. It’s all right here at Tom Yum Thai. They have everything from the popular Tom Yum Soup and noodle dishes to chicken curries and Thai desserts.

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  1. interesting! and the prices are great. i am excited to try this out. thanks! :)

  2. the bagoong rice looks super yummy! and it's good that it's so affordable too! :)


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