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Patio Carlito and White House on the 84th: Good Food, Clean Fun

It was my first time to visit Patio Carlito, a restaurant that serves mostly Pinoy dishes and whose cool ambiance and lovely interiors evoke Old Manila. I would learn later that it is indeed, an Old Manila bistro. Not only that, it actually doubles as a bar called White House on 84th at night and they feature live entertainment thrice a week (Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays).

Along with my blogger friends, we trooped to Patio Carlito on a Thursday night to see and taste what they had to offer.


We got seated in the TV Room, one of their function rooms that can seat 25 to 30 persons comfortably. As the name suggest, the room had TV and guests could opt to use it. It also had black, cushioned chairs that seemed to be inviting us to just sit back, relax, eat, drink and be merry. And that's exactly what we did!



There was a lot of food that night. We were lucky to have sampled dishes from Patio Carlito's menu and those of White House's. First off, some White House appetizers:

Malou's Sinuglaw, P265

This was grilled pork and tuna ceviche with vinegar, ginger and fresh tomato salsa. The tuna was fresh and a bit spicy which I loved.

Lumpiang Fish and Chips, P235

This was an ingenious take on the fish of the popular fish and chips combo. Instead of serving it breaded and deep-fried, they turned into fish fillet rolls! One bite and I already tasted the moist, chewy and flavorful dory meat inside. Dip the fish fillet rolls in the sweet-chili sauce for more flavor.

Crunchy Tapa, P279

What looked like some dark, thinly-sliced squid turned out to be marinated beef tapa! Cool. It was crunchy and yummy on its own and more so when you dip it in the vinegar.

Lumpia Pouches, P198

These golden pouches contained ground pork meat, seasonings and spices. Another good appetizer from White House's menu.

Chicken Adobo Wings, P198

The adobo-flavored chicken wings were simply flavorful. I thought this would pass as an entree to me. The sauce alone was perfect with rice.

For our main entrees, we had the following:

Chicken Binakol, P235

This rich chicken stew had coconut milk and coconut meat. The ingredients alone made it very Pinoy. I loved it.

Pato Binondo, P485

I'm not a big fan of duck so I just had a taste of this. Surprisingly, it was tasty. To me it was like some seasoned duck roasted to perfection.

Burong Baboy at Longganisa Candaba Platter, P355

This was a plateful of burong baboy (cured pork). It had a bacon-like appearance and taste. Yum!

Cuchifrito, P345

This was my favorite among the batch! The crispy skin and the oh-so-tender meat reminded me of the Cuchi Frito I had at The Flying Pig, Eastwood.

Lechon Baka ni Mayor, P265

I just had a taste of this (not bad methinks!) as my teeth was aching already due to excessive meat-chewing. I didn't want the situation to worsen. Just look at the photo and imagine the taste for yourself.Haha.

Sinigang na Bangus Tinapa sa Miso, P435

The rich, smokey flavor of the smoked milkfish blended well with the salty-sour combination of the miso broth and the tender vegetables mixed in. Impressive and innovative dish.

Rellenong Sugpo, P265

The stuffed shrimps were tasty and flavorful. I just had a piece, though because I was quite full by this time.

Baby Vegetables Pakbet, P229

I eat vegetables but only in moderation. This local veggie dish got my nod of approval because of the variety of veggies mixed in and the shrimp paste added had just the right saltiness.

Adobong Kangkong with Crispy Cuchinillo Strips, P169

I love anything with kangkong! Each piece of the veggie was juicy, tender and tasty.

Classic Adobo Rice Rice with Crispy Adobo Flakes, P85

As a big Adobo fan, I know what a good Adobo is. This adobo-flavored rice didn't disappoint.

Binagoongan Rice, P85

This shrimp-paste flavored rice was too plain for me. I hope the restaurant adds more shrimp-paste to bring out the real flavor of the dish

What's a meal without desserts? Here are what we had that night:

Fried Suman and Tsokolate Batirol, P145

I enjoyed this suman and hot chocolate combo. I liked that they provided some mango slices to balance the sweetness of the suman and the richness of the native chocolate.

Frozen Brazo de Mercedez, P255

This frozen dessert made from fresh eggs, sugar and milk had a custard filling in the middle and a layer of Graham crackers at the bottom. One word: sinfully decadent!

Our delicious food that night were prepared under the supervision of Chef Jojo Española. He was kind enough to check us out and pose for some photos.

Chef Jojo

We also tried some of their cocktail drinks and I happened to like the one with whole cherries:


Based from my visit, it's easy to say that Patio Carlito is a great go-to place not just when you want to have a full meal but also when you want to unwind with friends after a day's work. This is also the place if you want to enjoy good food and have clean fun without hurting your wallet.


Patio Carlito and White House on 84th is easy to locate. They're just beside the popular Pinoy Big Brother house, right on the corner of Scout Tuason St. and Eugenio Lopez Sr. Avenue in Quezon City.


If you have a thing for buffets, Patio Carlito has a Sunday Brunch Buffet at P499 per head from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Patio Carlito / White House Restobar
84 Scout Tuason St. cor. E. Lopez Sr. Ave.
Brgy South Triangle, Quezon City

(+632) 352-7140

**Patio Carlito and White House on 84th belong to the Red Crab Group of Restaurants.

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