Thursday, November 3, 2011

The New KFC Zinger Double Down

Those who missed the appetizingly overwhelming KFC Double Down during its limited release this year don't have any reasons to fret. KFC has recently launched the new KFC Zinger Double Down. It's KFC Double Down with a twist! From the original chicken fillets, it now has the hot and crispy zinger chicken fillets!

KFC was thoughtful enough to send me my very own KFC Zinger Double Down Thursday last week (October 28) complete with the drama of a KFC delivery boy donning a fireman's outfit!

I wanted to show some pictures but unfortunately, my sister accidentally deleted them while sorting out photos from our DSLR. Anyway, the delivery coincided the debut of the sandwich at all KFC stores in the Philippines. What a delightful morning it was! The sandwich served as my breakfast before going to work. Yum!

KFC Zinger Double Down up-close

KFC Zinger Double Down is huge. Imagine two hot and crispy chicken fillets with bacon strips, cheese and mayo in between. I closed my eyes and forgot about the calories while enjoying each bite. As expected, the chicken was oh-so-KFC-licious and I could really taste its spicy flavor. With two chicken pieces in one sandwich, it was double the heat, but I managed it well. I was so proud of myself. Haha.

A visit to KFC-Mall of Asia the next day informed me that KFC Zinger Double Down is priced at P120 (ala carte) and P150 (with drinks and fries). Still very affordable, if you ask me.

KFC-MOA menu board

If I could have it my way, I'll ask KFC to toast the bacon strips to bring out its rich, full flavor. And next time I'll consume one, I'll experiment a bit by eating it with rice! I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a complete and satisfying meal for me. :)


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  1. yay it looks yummy :) I think my husband will love it.... me? di ako mahilig sa maanghang :)

  2. @levy: oh, ako kasi medyo mahilig sa maanghang kaya enjoy ko to. :)


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