Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our Off Beat Cafe Experience

Armed with some Metrodeal vouchers, the fiancee, his mom, my two sisters and I braved the terrible Makati traffic last Tuesday night and dined at Off Beat Cafe. This restaurant is quite popular because it is home to the Donut Burger. Yes, you read that right. Instead of bread, they use Krispy Kreme glazed donuts for their specialty burger. It's an experience in itself, a unique culinary delight in its own right.

Off Beat Cafe is relatively easy to find as it is housed inside The Collective on Malugay St. in Makati. It's actually just a small cafe with only four tables inside. During our visit, we were the only customers so we had the place all to ourselves. The first few things I noticed when we got inside were the blackboard menu on top of the bar, the poor lighting, the red tables and chairs and the electric fans that provided ventilation to the place. Somehow, it reminded me of school cafeterias.




When we settled in one of the tables, one of the crew approached us to ask what we wanted to eat. I dunno but I found her unfriendly. I didn't see her smile; I looked at her facial expression and thought she was having a bad day then. Anyway, there were only three of them and they worked together as soon as they got our orders.

The ambience at Off Beat Cafe was quite gloomy. The place was a little dark, messy and shabby. I dunno but the lack of lighting, the small space and the non-existence of air-conditioning somehow dampened my mood. My excitement was renewed only upon the arrival of our food and after seeing the famed Donut Burger in the flesh.

The fiancee and his mom ordered their famous Off Beat Burger (a.k.a. Donut Burger, P200) while I tried their Chicken Curry Burger (P185). My two sisters weren't in the mood for burgers at that time and instead, they got rice meals. It was Spammy Delight (P130) for my sister O and Beefy Delight (P130) for my sister N.

Beefy Delight

Spammy Delight

We also got an order of Chili Cheese Logs (P130) as starters which were very tasty.


The fiancee liked his Donut Burger a lot. He said it was bursting with flavors! The glazed donut went well with the juicy and well-seasoned beef patty. For him these were the stars of the ensemble, the cheese, bacon and lettuce were just supporting cast. So I guess the good reviews online weren't lying, after all.

Donut Burger meal

My Chicken Curry Burger was okay. It was a bit spicy and had a very mild curry taste. The chicken patty was juicy and tasty. If I could have it my way, though, I'd ask for a strong curry flavor so that the chicken patty would stand out. Another thing I didn't like about my burger was the cold wheat dough used. I always want my bread to be warm, as in w-a-r-m. I am betting they just reheated it in the oven toaster for a minute. Or maybe less.

Chicken Curry Burger meal

I can't say a lot about the regular fast-food-type fries that went with our burgers except that they put some paprika on it for more flavor. We liked it.

While trying to get a taste of the fiancee's burger, my nose accidentally touched his shirt and it smelled of burgers. Haha. I smelled my top and got the exact same odor. So yeah, it's confirmed you'd really get the smell of whatever you'd be eating here. Not cool.

The rice meals that my two sisters ate were surprisingly decent. At P130, they're not bad.

Aside from their Donut Burger, Off Beat Cafe is famous for their flavored beers. We didn't try any of that and instead, went for the regular soda (P50) and some Sola iced tea (P60).

different beer brands adorn the store's fridge

Our dinner that night was good but nothing special. The food prices at Off Beat Cafe were reasonable considering they're already VAT included. If you'll ask me if I'd go back to Off Beat Cafe, perhaps yes, but not in the near future. :)

our group

Off Beat Cafe entrance

Off Beat Cafe
(inside The Collective)
7274 Malugay St., Makati

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  1. Hi Edelweiza, there seem to be a lot going on in Collective...this, Off Beat, a Japanese whole in a wall resto and Wingman, and sure there'd be more. I was able to try great selection of buffalo wings at Wingman their fries and burger were great too, though I never really liked having burger on a sliced krispy creme donut. So do you think going to Off Beat would by worth trying?

  2. Hi, Joy! Right, the Collective on Malugay St. is a good place for artists and anyone who wants to be inspired or just have some quiet time over comfort food. I think the Off Bat cafe experience is worth trying for even just once. :)

  3. I loved the Offbeat Burger too, and I enjoyed their "Enzo Burger" but I have yet to try their other dishes..

    I agree with Joy.. The next time you go back to the Collective, try wingman.. especially their Deep Fried Snickers Bar :)

  4. @The Pickiest Eater: Okay, will try that one next time. Yeah, I think I've read about your experience enjoying the Deep Fried Snickers Bar in your blog before! :)

  5. Hello! Checking all my blogroll friends. Merry Merry Christmas po, dumaan lang ako.


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