Thursday, January 19, 2012

Delicious Singapore Food at Ang Mo Kio!

Last Sunday, we hit the road to visit two prospective principal sponsors for our upcoming wedding. Coming from the house of one of them, we decided to have lunch in one of the restos at the Podium before driving to the other one's residence in Pasig. Upon seeing the inviting aura of Ang Mo Kio with its artsy, Singapore-themed interiors, I just had to drag my two companions inside the restaurant. Soon enough, we were enjoying a light and healthy lunch composed of authentic-tasting Hainanese Chicken, sauteed bokchoy and teh tarik.

cool store concept art

clean, neat dining space

white-washed table (I love vintage-inspired furniture!)

According to the waiter who served our food, Ang Mo Kio means "tomato farm." Primarily, it serves Singaporean dishes at reasonable prices. Our 1/2 Hainanese Chicken that came with two bowls of sauteed bokchoy and two cups of chicken rice, for instance, was priced at just P500. Ideally good for two persons, we made it feed the three of us by getting an additional order of chicken rice. Smart, eh?

1/2 Hainanese Chicken

Hainanese Chicken up close

The Hainanese Chicken was good. It was authentic-tasting as I imagined it to be (which made me miss Singapore and its delicious cuisine in an instant). The deboned chicken meat was tender with just the right amount of fat. It's bland when eaten on its own but once you dip the meat in the three sauces (chili sauce, ginger sauce and sweet soy sauce), you automatically enhance the taste of the chicken a million times. That's what we did!

condiments for the Hainanese Chicken

It helped that the sauteed bokchoy and the chicken rice that went with it had rich taste and texture, too. We had a satisfying meal right then and there.

sauteed bokchoy

chicken rice

Our complimentary soup arrived only when we asked for it. We saw the other tables being served with the same so we thought it was given for free and we're right, haha. Hot as it was, I poured some into my chicken rice to enrich its flavors. It was effective! I finished everything on my plate within minutes. Yum!

complimentary soup

While my two companions had lemon iced tea (P50), I got a glass of teh tarik or milk tea (P70) to complete my Singaporean dining experience in Manila. The milk tea was creamy and had just the right tea flavor. I liked it as it was.

Teh Tarik, P70

We dined at Ang Mo Kio on their third soft opening day. The service was terrible (super slow and the waiters seemed confused and cramming), but we didn't mind. We went there for the food, anyway.

with the fiance

The menu was still very limited, but according to one of the owners Ritchie, more items will be added soon. I guess we have to go back to Podium to see what they are and try them.

open kitchen; chef at work

with Ritchie, one of Ang Mo Kio's owners

Ang Mo Kio restaurant from the outside

If you're craving for delicious Singaporean food at Manila prices, Ang Mo Kio is a good place to visit.

Ang Mo Kio
3/L The Podium
ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center
Mandaluyong City

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  1. Wow! You really go to miles when comes to discovering something new and good.
    Congratulations and prayers on your wedding prep and the the day itself.
    Have a glorious day...

  2. looks yummy. i miss chicken rice :(

  3. Thanks for the writeup. It was like I was dining with you. See you next time.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. @Joy: Yes, sometimes. Thank you, eto nga super cramming na kami sa wedding preps! :)

    @pinkcookies: It is! :)

    @Ritchie: Your resto deserves it. Keep it up! Yes, see you next time! :)


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