Thursday, January 12, 2012

Eat-All-You-Can Buffalo Wings at Buffalo Wild Wings

Armed with two Cash Cash Pinoy vouchers, I took my sister N to Buffalo Wild Wings one Sunday morning. Prior to going there, I made a reservation for a table for two with the restaurant. Originally, it was for the fiancé and me but he backed out last minute due to an errand that no one could finish but him. Commuting from our place all the way to Panay Avenue in Quezon City was no easy task so I made sure to make the most of our time. I had my second IPL session with Power Peel Clinic at 11:30 a.m. (also on Panay Avenue) before having a satisfying brunch at Buffalo Wild Wings with N at past 12:00 p.m.

The buffalo wings at Buffalo Wild Wings are categorized according to heat levels. It's Piccolo for the mildest, followed by Five Star, Super Lolo and the hottest Goodbye Philippines (scary!). We only get to try the first two, though, and they're both good.

choose your wings based on heat levels

At Buffalo Wild Wings, the eat-all-you-can wings are cooked-to-order. Once you're finished with your first basket of wings, you could order again until your tummy is satisfied. I think we had a total of six baskets. Or probably more. Haha.

For our first basket, we settled on the mildest Piccolo. The photos I took using my Nokia E63 are of low quality but I assure you the wings look very appetizing in the flesh. Anyway, the Piccolo was a combination of sweet, sour, salty, butter-y and saucy. It wasn't as crunchy as the other chicken wings I've tried before but the richness in taste and flavor made up for it. We liked it a lot and didn't mind sucking up all the fatty goodness of the wings. It was yummy both as is and with rice. We'd found out later that the unlimited rice was included in their Cash Cash Pinoy promo offer. Cool. We each got a cup of rice to pair with our delicious Piccolo wings!

Afraid that the buffalo wings would be too hot for my sister's liking (she's not a big fan of hot and spicy food), I decided to just order Five Star and skip on the remaining two variants. The Five Star wings were hot but not too hot. It also didn't have so much to offer when it came to flavors. It was just hot and a bit salty and sour, that's all. Between the Piccolo and the Five Star wings, the former is the runaway winner for me.

love 'em wings!

blurry Five Star drumette

N and I didn't bother getting dips for our chicken wings. They were good on their own, anyway. If you prefer to have dips (blue cheese, creamy cheese and spicy mayo), they cost P50 each.

We also ordered their Ultimate Nachos, P169. The serving was generous and we thought we got what we paid for. My only complaint is that it was disgustingly oily, like we found at least five tablespoons of oil from the ground beef lying under the mountain of nachos. Gross.


We wanted to try their other appetizers but most of them were not available because according to the girl that served us, their supplies hadn't arrived yet. Poor restaurant. They're driving away sales just like that.

Buffalo Wild Wings has neat, modern interiors. I like its red and white theme with touches of black here and there. Aside from their specialty buffalo wings, the restaurant has some good starters and rice meals on its menu. The prices are VAT-inclusive and definitely pocket-friendly.



The service at Buffalo Wild Wings during our visit was a bit slow but it's no big deal to us, I heard they've just opened recently so they could still improve.

my sister N and yours truly

more food

When I told the fiancé that Buffalo Wild Wings serves good wings, he immediately asked me to go back. Yes, why not? But maybe on my next IPL treatment na para sulit ang lakad. Plus, I'll bring a better camera already. :)

Buffalo Wild Wings
2/F ITC Building
Timog cor. Panay Avenues
Quezon City

(+632) 565-2812

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  1. We also have the voucher from CCP. can't wait to try this out! :)

  2. Hi. We'd like to post this blog on our fb page if its ok. Is there any way I can get in touch with you? Thanks.

  3. @anonymous: my email is edelweiss_19(at)yahoo(dot)com. If you're referring to the official FB fan page of Buffalo Wild Wings, sure you may post the blog URL there. :)


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