Friday, February 17, 2012

Vietnamese Lunch at Ba Noi's

It's that time again when the expiry of the vouchers I acquired from various groupon sites are nearing. Last Sunday morning, I decided to use one of them: a P1,084 worth of Ba Noi's voucher that entitled me to a set meal for two. Reservation with the resto was a breeze and my chosen companion was none other than the fiancé. It was perfect timing because we also had to do a quick trip to Makati to pick up the three Mamma Mia The Musical tickets given to me by a friend.


We arrived at Ba Noi's a little past 11:00 a.m. (their opening time). We were the first group of customers and it took a while before the servers noticed our presence. Haha. The restaurant didn't have much to offer when it came to space. It also had dim lighting which made the mood somewhat calm but sad (methinks). There were framed photos on the wall that depicted the Vietnamese way of life and they were quite a sight to behold. I thought it made the place look and feel like an authentic Vietnamese resto in a foreign place (Manila).


After surrendering the voucher to the girl wearing what looked like an Áo Dài (Vietnamese traditional costume) to me, we were immediately served with some complimentary prawn crackers.


A few minutes later, our food started to arrive on our table.


First was the Vietnamese spring rolls which were basically ground pork, mushrooms and spices sealed in lumpia wrappers. It came with nuoc nam, a traditional Vietnamese dip made from fish sauce. The spring rolls were a delight in the mouth. They tasted fresh and were bursting with flavors. I liked that they were not too oily.


Our next dish was chicken noodle soup with mushrooms. We were given one bowl each and we attacked it immediately. The chicken strips and mushrooms were noticeably scarce but the sotanghon noodles were abundant. The soup was not as hot as I wanted but I appreciated that it had a nice, clean taste. It was a simple soup with simple flavors, and we enjoyed it.


For our main course, we were served with chicken in caramel sauce and were given a cup of steamed rice each. The size of the chicken was disappointing. I remember the deal said something like "generously-sized chicken" but what we got was a small and pitiful piece of chicken leg cut into four pieces. Yes, four pieces! The most I could do was smirk sarcastically. As for the taste, it was a combination of sweet and salty. Nothing special and forgettable.

a picture doesn't lie!

Our side dish of stir-fried water spinach (kangkong), on the other hand, was just okay. I love kangkong and whatever way it's cooked, I eat it.


We were also served with two Vietnamese iced coffees which we liked. The coffee flavor was just right and the milk gave a nice balance to the drink.


Overall, we can still say we had a good lunch at Ba Noi's. The food was okay and I'm sure they have some better options on their menu. The service was warm but a little relaxed (the no-need-to-hurry kind of service). My second visit is a possibility but definitely not happening in the near future. :)


Ba Noi's
G/F Greenbelt Mansions
Perea St.
Legaspi Village, Makati

(+632) 893-7359

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  1. Minsan talaga it's kind a hard to buy a set meal with a voucher, kasi you don't have options to get something you would really want on the menu, so with that you will still need to pay more. But then it would be a good adventure, don't you think. Wishing you a great and more time with your fiancee, oops also enjoy singleness pala while you're at it!

  2. @Joy: Right! Almost always, I end up paying more with my food vouchers. With these set meals, though, I didn't bother to order more because I thought it would be enough. We did get full but I was just so disappointed with the size of the chicken! Kita naman sa picture. Haha. My only consolation is I didn't pay more this time around because it's complete already. :)

  3. I wanna try that coz I love Vietnamese noodles :P I always go to Phobac for my noodle fix :)

  4. I love ba noi's their pho is the best!


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