Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Binondo Food Trip: Wai Ying Fast Food

I will never get tired of Chinese food. This was my statement after having sampled the very satisfying and delicious Chinese dishes at Wai Ying Fast Food in Binondo Thursday of last week. The fiancé and I just had picked our wedding invites from a bridal shop in Divisoria and we were already on our way home passing thru Soler St. when I remembered this popular restaurant that serves very good and affordable Chinese food. We just had to make a U-turn and head to Benavidez St. to have dinner there.

store signage

asado and roast duck behind the glass wall

I already had our food orders in mind. As soon as we got seated (after waiting for a free table for more or less fifteen minutes), I immediately asked for spare ribs rice, beef mami, fried rice, siomai and shrimp chong fan from the waitress who attended to us.

As in most Chinese restaurants, we were served first with some tea. I just took a sip and didn't care about the taste anymore because I was focused on the food we're having for dinner.

complimentary tea

After a few minutes of waiting which we spent by spying on other diners' food discreetly and amusing ourselves with the narrow dining space, the tall pile of bamboo steamers, the kitchen tools and equipment in the open kitchen, the cooks at work and the sight of the other restaurant staff running around, our orders arrived on our table one by one.

dining area


After taking enough photos for this post, I started eating the beef mami. I loved the sweet and meaty taste of the steaming hot soup and the beef brisket (saw several chunky pieces!) which was tender to the bite. The thin, yellow noodles used came in generous serving and were firm enough to hold their shape. You can never go wrong with Wai Ying's beef mami. It was also more than enough for the two of us that we had to take the leftover home.

Beef Mami, P100


The fiancé's Spare Ribs Rice was big, too. The spare ribs were very tasty, flavorful and fork-tender to boot. I knew because I tried a few spoonfuls with the accompanying white rice!

Spare Ribs Rice, P125


I paired the two kinds of dimsum I ordered with the fried rice. It always works for me. Wai Ying's fried rice was simple yet very good. It had a generous portions of small shrimps (even just for this, the P80 price tag was already so worth it!), pork asado and scrambled egg. I liked that it didn't come oily nor dry, just the right texture to sustain my appetite.

Fried Rice,P80


I just loved their siomai! It's one of the best I've tried. Each piece was packed with fillings of ground pork, plump shrimps and spices. My siomai expectations had never been the same after this experience.

Sio Mai, P60

Their hakaw was good, too. The shrimps were plump and bursting with flavors and the translucent wrappers were firm and thick enough to hold the shrimps together. Dipping them into the chili-garlic sauce with some calamansi juice was a delight to the senses. Yum, yum.

Hakaw, P70

For drinks, the fiancé got a cold lemon iced tea while I had a cold milk tea. Both of our drinks were refreshing. But I'm biased with mine because it was sweet and creamy with a good tea flavor. I liked that the milk didn't overpower the tea and it came in a big glass which was more than enough to satisfy my thirst after all those eating.

Cold Lemon Iced Tea, P50

Cold Milk Tea, P50

yours truly having a great time with the food at Wai Ying!



Wai Ying Fast Food is already an institution in Binondo. I heard it's been around for decades now. I guess the secret to their longevity and success is their consistency with the price, taste and quality of their food. To be honest, I'm having a hard time finishing this post because I'm salivating over the food photos. Whoa, I can't wait to go back there!!! :)

Wai Ying Fast Food
Salazar cor. Benavidez St.
Binondo, Manila

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  1. oh my, id love to try the mami & dimsum!!

  2. This place is just walking distance from our house. Agree! You can never go wrong with their beef mami! Yum! :)

  3. @[pinkc00kies]: go visit and you'll surely enjoy the food! :)

    @Berylle Kaye Hong: you're one very lucky girl if Wai Ying Fastfood is your neighbor! :)


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