Friday, June 6, 2014

Unlimited Pasta and Pizza at The Old Spaghetti House (TOSH)

When I learned about the eat-all-you-can pasta + unlimited pizza promo at The Old Spaghetti House (TOSH), I immediately suggested it to the Tropang Gala (a group composed of my husband, my superfriend Nice, my friend Carmela and myself) in time for our scheduled dinner date which happened last Tuesday night at TOSH - SM Manila. For P150 per head, the eat-all-you-can pasta sounded like a good deal to us. We also availed of the additional P50 for unlimited pizza and P65 for bottomless iced tea. To be very honest, we got full from the food but we were not quite satisfied with the service.

There were four kinds of pasta on offer: pomodoro, carbonara, pesto and Viatnamese. For the pizza, there were three flavors: pepperoni, five cheese and Hawaaian. There's really not much to expect here. Spaghetti is the type of noodle used for all four sauces while all pizza was served on thin crust. Here are some food photos to give you an idea of what we ate there:

pomodoro pasta with five-cheese pizza

pesto, carbonara and pomodoro pasta with Hawaiian pizza

Vietnamese pasta with Hawaiian pizza

pesto pasta with pepperoni pizza

During our visit, I liked that the spaghetti was cooked "al dente" and some of the pizza slices were still hot when they landed on our table. We got to the restaurant at around 7:30 pm and left when the nearby shops started closing their doors.

Unlike in other restaurants where eat-all-you-can translates to having a buffet style of serving the food, at TOSH it's kind of personalized. The wait staff go around, table by table, serving the pasta and the pizza.

If we wanted what the staff was showing to us, all we had to do was ask for some. If we wanted a different pasta or pizza, we would ask them for it, too. The problem was, the wait staff wasn't that attentive even if only five tables were occupied that night. We had to call their attention twice, sometimes thrice or more, before we could get whatever food we were asking for. It didn't help that they looked exhausted and couldn't even give out a friendly smile. It was a good thing I was in good company then that these setbacks didn't affect my happy mood that much.

our group

But, if ever anyone from TOSH could read this, kindly remind your wait staff about good and proper customer service. It'll be for your own good, not mine. But even so, I'll appreciate it very much.

The Old Spaghetti House
4/F SM City Manila
San Marcelino St.
Ermita, Manila

(+632) 353-8674

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