Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Binond Food Trip: Unlimited Dimsum at The Original Salido Restaurant

A few weeks before the Chinese New Year, the hubby and I were able to visit Binondo again for a food trip. This time around, we were armed with two Cash Cash Pinoy vouchers (worth P299 each) that entitled us to unlimited dimsum + drinks and desserts (originally valued at P600) at The Original Salido Restaurant on Ongpin St. It was a dimsum-filled afternoon that we half-heartedly enjoyed. Read on to know why.


Here are the nine (9) kinds of dimsum featured in the unlimited dimsum promo of Salido:

Beancurd Rolls

Pork Siomai

Sharksfin Dumplings

Hakaw (soggy wrapper, overcooked shrimps)

Pork Spareribs with Tausi

Japanese Siomai

Chicken Feet

Chicken something (sorry, I didn't get the name)

Fish and Kani something (this one tasted old and fishy!)

I will get straight to the point here. What made us disappointed about our dining experience was the fact that our orders were served to us cold. Like they stayed in their bamboo steamer baskets for hours without steaming or some heat to keep them warm. We came at around 2:30 pm and it was hard not to entertain the idea that the dimsum we were feasting on could just be left overs from the batch served to the other diners who arrived before us. Too bad because I even posted a photo in my Instagram account sharing my excitement upon seeing (meaning, not yet tasting) the baskets of dimsum laid out on our table one after the other!

Untitled Salido interiors

But still, we ate the cold dimsum and hoped for the best in the taste department. We even ordered Yang Chow fried rice to go with everything. (I have high praises for it because it was tasty and not oily at all. ) Among the dimsum we tried, the hubby and I favored their two kinds of siomai (pork and Japanese), the bean curd roll and the chicken feet (which I ate alone as the hubby doesn’t eat chicken feet). The rest were just so-so and tasted nothing special primarily because they didn’t have any sense of warmth in them (they were served to us cold, remember?).

Another thing that made our dining experience not so pleasant was the service. We had a hard time getting the waiters’ attention. When it was also time to order more dimsum, the waiter that got our re-orders returned to our table initially with nothing. Like all the dimsum supply in the kitchen suddenly ran out. But it seemed that wasn’t the case (buti na lang kundi umuwi na talaga kami agad, agad!). The waiter informed us some of the dimsum were already not available and the ones that were available were still being cooked in the kitchen.

Soon enough, our re-orders of pork siomai and beancurd roll came to our table steaming hot! At least, out of the four kinds we re-ordered, we were still served with two, and they were hot not cold. Amazing. Haha.

the hubby and I

What I realized after this dining “incident” was that not all dining experiences and dining promos (courtesy of Groupon sites), for that matter, are equal. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don’t. To lessen your disappointment, you just think of happy thoughts. Like how you enjoyed the company of the people you ate with, or how you got to the restaurant safe and got home safe as well. At the end of the day, there are still many restaurants (and a lot more still in their conceptualization phase opening sooner or later) waiting for you to try them out.

If you'll ask me if I'd eat again at The Original Salido Restaurant, I think I might. I'm a self-confessed Chinese food lover, after all. But if ever I'd dine there again, I'll make sure to order straight from the menu without availing of any of their promos. :)

The Original Salido Restaurant
839 Ongpin St.
Binondo, Manila

(+632) 521-3333

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