Monday, February 9, 2009

Cofler Milk Chocolate From Arcor, the Maker of Samba

My brother has just come home from school. He brought us chocolate bars with almonds. I wasn't familiar with the brand so I investigated and found out that it was Cofler. The chocolate product comes from Arcor (a Brazilian chocolate company), the one that makes Samba, those chocolate-coated wafer balls that are a cheaper version of Ferrero Rocher. For P24, I think Cofler chocolate bar is cheap. The packaging isn't very attractive but the overall taste of the product makes up for it.



Just like other imported chocolates, I can sense that Cofler is made of quality cocoa beans. It's milk chcoolate so you can taste the richness of milk in between the strong chocolate flavors.The almonds are generous but my only complaint is that the almonds aren't that crunchy. If Arcor could improve on the almonds of Cofler chocolate bars, I'll be very happy.


Cofler is available at leading supermarkets and convenience stores in Metro Manila. :)


  1. Arcor isnt a brazilian company, is from Argentina and Arcor means Arroyito (city) Córdoba (province).. is the first candy company at world and thirth at chocolates

  2. Hi Carlos, thanks but I got my info from here:

    Maybe they have a Brazilian branch or something? :)

  3. from

    Grupo Arcor (name formed taking the first letters of the words "Arroyito" and "Cordoba": "AR-COR") is a food company specialized in confectionery. The firm was founded on July 5, 1951 in the city of Arroyito, Córdoba, Argentina.
    Arcor is the world's largest producer of candies[5] [6], and the largest exporter of confectionery of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru.
    As of 2011, Arcor has 40 manufacturing plants, with 29 in Argentina alone and the remaining spread among Brazil (5), Chile (4), Peru (1) and Mexico (1). [7] It has exports to over 117 countries.


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