Monday, March 21, 2011

Promoting Cavite Tourism Thru a Food Revolution

Aside from our OFWs, tourism is one of the driving forces that keeps the Philippine economy afloat. Surely, there is so much to see and do in our 7,107 islands but let's face the truth, tourist distribution in our country remains unequal. While some provinces bask in the great volume of tourists that flock their must-see destinations, there are those that are just left behind. Take for instance the province of Cavite. Despite its many offerings and fair share of sights, activities and culinary treats, Cavite remains less attractive to tourists than Cebu, Bohol or even Davao. Good thing the forerunners of Cavite tourism has thought of a strategy to attract tourists to their territories. That is, through a food revolution (pun intended). (We all know how Cavite led the revolution against Spain at one point in our rich Philippine history.) They would like the world to know about the uniqueness and great taste of Cavite food. And what could be a better venue to announce this than a tourism seminar cum food tasting! I'm glad to have been part of this event along with several foodie bloggers.

The event was hosted by Republic of Cavite, a homey, history-rich restaurant situated in Trece Martires City. Below are some of the Cavite dishes we had the pleasure of tasting:


Cavite Kinilaw



Binagoongang Baboy

Grilled Chicken Sinampalukan



everyone's favorite Crispy Pata

Adobong Caviteño (my favorite among the main dishes!)

Crispy Dinuguan


the province's very own Cavite Express


the famous Lihim ni Lola

Piniritong Halo-halo

Onde Onde

Honestly, I liked everything and would have eaten more had my tummy allowed me. But no, I could only eat so much that time. I was particularly blown away by the Adobong Caviteño. The addition of pork liver, quiail eggs and whole peanuts made the dish more interesting and delectable. It was my most fave dish from the buffet.

this Lechon Sinigang Soup was unique and yummy!

my plate

Before we had a delightful, gastronomic adventure, we were first seen participating in a tourism seminar. Talks were given by three respectable Cavite tourism movers namely: Mr. Jaime Tepora (President, Cavite Travel and Tours), Ms. Teresita Leabres (Chairman, Cavite Small and Medium Enterprises Development Council) and Ms. Cathy Lee Cachila Tolentino (General Manager, Caylabne Bay Resort). There were also raffle draws, a cooking demo and a dance number from the Cavite State University to sustain the interest of the participants. After the program, there was a tour of the place (my second time) where we took lots of photos for cam-whoring documentation purposes.All in all, it was a fun and knowledge-filled event.


we won in the raffle!

blogger group picture

For more of Republic of Cavite, you may wanna check out my Republic of Cavite review and some Republic of Cavite photos I have blogged before.

If you have never set foot in any of Cavite's tourist attractions, you better plan a visit now. There's so much to see and do and eat in Cavite, I can assure you that it's gonna be a worthwhile experience. Plus, in doing so, you'll be able to help in Cavite's campaign to promote tourism in the entire province. Or better yet, help spread the word about Cavite to your family, friends and community.

Thank you very much to Republic of Cavite and to my friend Ron Leyba for the invite. :)

Republic of Cavite
City Hall Road, Brgy. San Agustin
Trece Martires City, Cavite

Contact Nos.
(+6346) 686-7271
(+6346) 686-4837
(+6346) 437-6055



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