Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spiral Buffet Dinner at Sofitel, Pasay City

Thanks to groupon sites like Ensogo Philippines, great deals are just a mouse click away. Last Friday, we were finally able to use our Ensogo vouchers for a buffet dinner with one glass of wine at Spiral, Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila. Originally P3,150, we got the vouchers for just P1,575 each. That gave us 50% savings! And to think it was the Spiral buffet, I was quite sure we'd get full value for our money. And we did! The buffet we had was a delight to the senses, what with the outstanding display of international cuisines for everyone to appreciate and enjoy.

Edwin, Albie and I arrived at Sofitel, Pasay City a few minutes before our reservation time of 7:00 p.m. As soon as we entered the well-maintained buffet area, we were greeted by a host of hotel personnel. We were immediately ushered to our table which was a few baby steps away from the Chinese food station. It was followed by the pouring of the complimentary wine to our glasses. And then we joined the big crowd and started helping ourselves with the wide selection of food.

with my two companions

the buffet area

Buffets always give me a hard time. I just can't decide fast when it comes to what I should try first. Anyway, proximity won as my first plate was Chinese food (it was the nearest to our table, remember?).

my starter (laksa and chicken soup combo)

first plate

And then I tried the other cuisines, just little servings as I wanted to appreciate each food and didn't wanna get full fast. I think I saw over 300 dishes from five or more cuisines on display. Aside from the Chinese food, I spotted Italian and Spanish favorites, Japanese items, Filipino and Indian specialties, grilled meat and seafood and a lot more. Haaaay, just thinking about all those food now makes my mouth water!

second plate

third plate

fourth plate

I know it's biased to say that I liked everything I ate, so I'll just mention some personal favorites. I enjoyed my noodle soup a lot and I couldn't get enough of the bacon-wrapped enoki mushrooms grilled to perfection. I also loved the Indian flat bread and the Italian pizza and potato salad. These are the must-haves at Spiral, take that from me.

these bacon-wrapped enoki mushrooms were a winner! make sure to try this one at Spiral!

When the time for desserts came, I got too tempted to try everything (from cakes to pastries). Good thing I was so in control of myself that time, I managed to get only a small plate that had mmostly fresh fruits plus a small serving of blueberry cheesecake and the pièce de résistance creme brulee. My finale was a scoop of strawberry Italian gelato which I mixed with lots of different nuts (pistacchio, almonds, walnuts, etc.) I would have gotten a scoop of my fave pistacchio ice cream as well but they didn't have that. :(


my dessert plate

strawberry gelato


Sofitel was such a posh and lovely place. It helped that there was a big crowd to keep the festive spirit alive. The dim lighting on the tables was not so food photography-friendly, though.

what I wore that night

the Sofitel grand staircase with the Spiral art piece

Aside from the fantastic hotel buffet experience, we were also able to explore the back part of the hotel facing the Manila Bay. That area was just so romantic! Swimming pools, tables and chairs, beach hammocks and beautiful Cebu furniture were available for hotel guests to use. I saw couples and groups having a good time by the sea and under the stars. We couldn't help but take some photos of the people hanging around ourselves and the beautiful view.



As for the hotel service while we were enjoying the buffet, I give them an A for effort. The staff were attentive and friendly. They moved fast but looked composed despite the busyness of the night. I have to give it to them for showing the warmth and hospitality of the Filipino people to the world (there were foreign tourists everywhere I looked!). Haha.

I hope to treat my entire family to a Spiral buffet experience in the future.

Spiral Buffet at Sofitel
Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila
CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard
Pasay City, Manila 1300

Reservation Numbers:
(+63)2 5515555 or (+63)2 8326988

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  1. Weee, thanks to Ensogo. I bought mine from CashCashPinoy naman.We were able to celebrate Mother's Day here too. I hope groupon sites will feature Spiral buffet again.

  2. Subscribe to Sofitel Manila's official Twitter account @sofitelmanila for announcements and promos re Spiral Buffet.

  3. I am so happy that Spiral is re-opening this November! I even joined Sofitel's ongoing photo contest for Spiral in Facebook here: I hope I that I'll win the dinner buffet for 10 people in a private dining room at the new Spiral! Wohoo!

  4. Hi everyone! We are delighted to hear that people are looking forward to have a deal for the Sofitel Spiral Buffet be featured again. We are happy to inform you that due to it's success, CashCashPinoy exclusively brings back the deal everyone loved.
    Watch out and check our website!


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