Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chelsea Market & Cafe: Delicious Gourmet Food in a Cozy Setting

It was our first time to dine at Serendra Piazza in Taguig City. From the row of restaurants there, our choice was Chelsea Market and Cafe. We indulged ourselves in delicious gourmet food while enjoying the relaxed yet sophisticated vibe of the restaurant. It was a happy and pleasant dining experience that we were able to forget about the bad traffic and the heavy downpour that accompanied it on our way to the place.

Chelsea Market & Cafe was half-filled with diners during our visit. We got seated at the table next to the rack of bottled goodies they sell. (They also double as delicatessen.) The people behind the restaurant are the same group that brought us Museum Cafe, Momo Cafe and Mr. Jones.

view of the rack beside me

We were five and we went there for dinner. While the food items at Chelsea are on the pricey side, I like the fact that they are meant for sharing. Once we got seated, the staff immediately handed us their laminated menu. It took us a while before ordering as it was quite hard to choose from their extensive offerings. Eventually, we settled for four interesting dishes.




While waiting for our food, we took in the modern but cozy interiors of the restaurant. The place looked so neat and cool. At one moment, I even felt like I was in some cafe in New York. Haha.



After a few minutes, we were given a complimentary platter of sliced focaccia with a whole grilled garlic and a dip of what seemed to be a mix of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.


Soon after, our food arrived and we partook of them with delight.

Classic Creamy Fetuccine Carbonara, P495

Their version of the Carbonara looked dry at first but when I started mixing it, I found its thick and creamy white sauce emerging from within. This was excellent and we polished it off in no time.

All Meat Pizza, P495 for 10"

Chelsea's All-Meat Pizza was light and good. It had thin and crispy crust. I liked that the toppings and the cheese on it were generous. I ate my share by adding some drops of Tabasco hot sauce and it tasted better.

The New York Diner Pastrami Melt, P495

This New York-inspired sandwich had layers of pastrami and home-made sauerkraut topped with melted emmental cheese and dill pickles. It was big enough for two persons. It came with potato wedges and some salad. The sauerkraut or "sour cabbage" put into the sandwich, though deliciously sour, was overpowering. I think the sandwich would have appealed better to us had they lessened the sour cabbage in it.

On a related note, my sister N and I liked the dressing they put in the salad. It tasted so refreshing with hints of citrus and syrup. Their potato wedges, on the other hand, was well-seasoned and crunchy. Plus points, I say.

Southern Style Cornflake, P550

I don't know with the name but, this was basically chicken in a basket. Our serving had two pieces of chicken fillets and a piece of chicken thigh with leg part. This came with gravy, potato wedges and some salad. If I had read the menu right, the batter used for the chicken was a mix of oat and corn flakes. While the chicken fillets tasted fresh and good, the chicken thigh with leg part fell in the freshness department. It had a fishy aftertaste. It could be the oil they used or the chicken itself. We had a hard time eating it.

To wash down all the food, I got myself a Raspberry Echinacea, P130. After a little googling, I learned that Echinacea is a flowering plant from the daisy family. My drink was served to me in a tall glass in the form of an iced tea. One sip and my mouth was overwhelmed by the sweet, brown sugar-y taste. It tasted like some herbal tea and I could barely taste the raspberry flavor. I was disappointed with it, to say the least. As with my four companions, they got themselves bottomless iced tea and soda. I think their drinks were okay because I didn't hear any of them complain about it.

my drink


Our total bill amounted to P2,700+. Since I had a P1000 worth of voucher from Cash Cash Pinoy (a groupon site) to spend, we only paid the remaining balance of P1,700+. Not bad for a dinner for five persons on a rainy Tuesday night.


While I have not seen (nor asked for) a restroom inside the restaurant, I noticed that they provided a nice area outside for diners waiting to get a table.


Ambience and service wise, I think Chelsea Market & Cafe is a nice restaurant. Their food prices may be steep (possibly due to high rent!) but at least the servings are big and good for sharing. I think it's perfect for dinner dates and special occasions when people are expected to do some lavish spending for their meals and for the happiness of their loved ones.

Chelsea Market & Cafe
Ground Level, Serendra Piazza
Mc Kinley Parkway, Fort Bonifacio
Taguig City

(+632) 909-7011

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