Thursday, August 9, 2012

Foodie Find: Mr. Kimbob's Bibimbob at SM Food Court

SM City Manila is the mall we frequent due to its proximity to our place. I'm glad that over the years, it has continuously improved its looks and upgraded its services. One thing that's noteworthy for this year is the opening of more shops and dining establishments inside the mall. Even its food court now boasts of new and interesting tenants! One of them is Mr. Kimbob that serves "healthy Koren food."

The hubby and I were able to try Mr. Kimbob's special bibimbob (or simply bibimbap to foodies) one random weeknight and found it quite satisfying and affordable. One order of this complete and healthy Korean meal costs only P99, can you believe that? It is served three ways, which simply means you can choose the kind of meat to be placed on your sizzling plate: chicken, beef or pork. A brilliant idea, I must say.


My order of bibimbob had beef as meat. Of course it had the usual veggies and sunny side-up egg on top. I liked how my plate looked hot, fresh and healthy. When I reached our table, I immediately mixed everything up and had a bite. I remember they also gave me some Gochujang sauce (a special Korean sauce) to mix with my bibimbob to make everything more delicious. The mix of Korean flavors from the meat and the veggies was good. It was not as delightful as Kaya Restaurant's once-famous Aligue bibimbap, but for its price, it passed my expectations! I would have liked the kimchi that came with the dish to be spicier, though. But that factor aside, for P99, I thought Mr. Kimbob's bibimbob was reasonably-priced and gave me maximum value for my money!

I don't know Mr. Kimbob's other branches yet but if you're stopping over at SM Manila's food court anytime soon, I suggest you give Mr. Kimbob's Korean offerings a try. :)

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  1. 99 for bibimbop? wow i have to try this!! :)

    1. Yeah, it's so cheap yet so delish! :)


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