Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Eat-All-You-Can Ihaw-Ihaw at Bar-B-Skew, Tomas Morato

Going to Tomas Morato, Quezon City last night with the hubby, I discovered a new restaurant that offers eat-all-you-can ihaw-ihaw (skewers) at a reasonable price. It's called Bar-B-Skew and wholly owned by Wero Doma, a young entrepreneur who also has a deep passion for traveling. We truly enjoyed this unique dining experience that takes street food to a new level!

The restaurant sits on a tiny space but they were able to maximize it to their advantage. There are several tables inside (that could sit around 30 people) and a few more outside for those who smoke or just want to enjoy al fresco dining.


Each table has a smokeless grill (filled with burning charcoal) so you don't end up smelling like food after eating.


The grills are amazing because it requires very minimal human intervention. There are roller chains installed that rotate the skewers as they cook. You just have to put the skewers on the grills, brush the sauce on them and wait for the charcoal to do its job. Once the skewers are done, chow time begins. Well, actually, you can even start eating right away because the buffet also includes a few cooked dishes.


loved their fried chicken that was full of Asian flavors!

Unlike in other buffets where the food items are openly displayed, the skewers at Bar-B-Skew are kept in a chiller for hygienic purposes and to retain their quality and freshness. You get as much as you like straight from there.


There are 12 different kinds of skewers to choose from. Among them, we only tried the pork barbecue, chicken barbecue, fish, isaw (chicken intestines), chicken liver, kikiam, hotdog, corn on the cob and marshmallows. If you're a fan of balun-balunan (chicken gizzard) and betamax (coagulated chicken blood), they have those as well.



Everything we tried was good. They were marinated well and didn't have any fishy aftertaste. What made them more palatable were the six sauces (just choose which ones you want to brush on your skewers): garlic butter, hot pepper, ginger sesame, plain sweet, sweet and chili and hot and spicy. We got the garlic butter, the sweet and chili and just the good ol' ketchup for the hotdog skewers and they were all fantastic!


The hubby and I easily got stuffed after an hour of non-stop eating. Haha. Oh, and about the eating time for the buffet, they set it at 90 minutes which I think is more than enough. Leftovers are also charged accordingly, so make sure you don't get more than what you can consume.

with the hubby

After a little chat with the owner Wero who was very friendly to us, I found out the resto had opened just last October 13th. Technically, they're still on soft opening. I was impressed because Wero is very hands-on with his first business venture. He really takes care of his customers and makes sure they're having a great time at his restaurant.

Untitled with Wero Doma (owner) and Charmaine Rin (PR girl)

If you want to enjoy unlimited street food in a nice setting, Bar-B-Skew is the place to be. If you have normal appetite and don't like the buffet option, fret not because they also have value meals and skewer packs. Just check out their complete offerings below:



Surely, this won't be our last time at Bar-B-Skew because we plan to go back there soon with family and friends! :)

Upper Ground Floor, CTTM Square (Below Centerstage) at the Boy Scout Circle
Corner of Timog Avenue and Tomas Morato, Quezon City
(Underground Security Parking available inside the building)

For reservations, contact them at (+632) 412-8661. You might also like to visit their Facebook Page or follow their Instagram for updates and promos.

Bar-B-Skew website: http://www.bar-b-skew.ph

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  1. Great post! I now have a new option in mind for buffets :)



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