Friday, November 15, 2013

Panizza and Gelato Night at My Kitchen by Chef Chris

My Kitchen by Chef Chris is one of the most popular restaurants in Manila. Why not when they serve top-notch Italian fares including the much-talked about panizza invented by Chef Chris Locher himself (which they now prefer to call The Original because a lot of other restaurants have made their versions of it)? It's housed inside the Oasis Hotel in Paco, just a stone's throw away from the historical Paco Park and Cemetery. Last November 6th, I went there with the hubby, my PILs, my SIL, my mom and my two sisters for a night of panizza and gelato which turned out to be fun and memorable.


The cozy ambience at My Kitchen is very suitable for dinner dates and family gatherings. During our visit, there were only a few groups dining in which made the place more cozy and romantic. I may have not liked the dim lighting so much because our pictures turned out dark and not so photogenic, but I went there for the food so no worries.


We ordered four different kinds of panizza (whose names I forgot to take note of, my bad). These were from the six new flavors offered by the restaurant exclusively to its Deal Grocer clients. Yes, we used four Deal Grocer vouchers which were gifted to us by a generous soul. We also got some desserts to enjoy after: three kinds of homemade Italian gelato and a creme brulee.


Each panizza can be shared by two to three people. Since we were eight, we had more than enough panizza to share we even had leftovers to take home!


True to what the online community has said about My Kitchen's panizza, they were awesome! Each roll of the panizza with the fresh arugula and alfalfa sprouts was a delight to our palates. There was a burst of flavors in every bite. All of us loved 'em panizza!

this panizza with tender and succulent beef sirloin was a winner!

Among the four panizza, I liked the one with beef sirloin, spinach and artichokes best. I appreciated that My Kitchen did not scrimp on the toppings. I could also taste their quality and freshness. The thin crust, on the other hand, had a nice, flaky texture. I think I ate a total of 6 rolls and yet my tummy still had room for desserts. Sure, the panizza was filling but it was also light enough that it won't make you guilty of overeating or ruining your diet (if you're on one).

As for our desserts, we also liked them all. The creme brulee was superb. Very rich but not too sweet.

this creme brulee is reasonably priced at P195 (plus 10% service charge)

The three kinds of Italian gelato were as creamy and sweet as we imagined them to be. Among the three, the leche flan blew me away. It was just heavenly!

leche flan, coffee and chocolate gelato at P100 per scoop (approx. 100 grams)

our group with the look of satisfaction on our faces

The menu of My Kitchen may be intimidating (with prices of dishes ranging from P600-P2,000) but if you want good Italian food, this should be on top of your list. Good food + good service = pleasant dining experience. My Kitchen by Chef Chris definitely has both and a few desirable add-ons. I won't mind going back there again. :)

My Kitchen by Chef Chris
(Main restaurant of the Oasis Paco Park Hotel Manila)
1032-1034 Belen St.
Paco, Manila

(+632) 521-2371 to 75

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