Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Affordable Japanese Meals at Yasuo, Robinsons Place Manila

Strolling around Robinsons Place Manila one random weeknight with the hubby and his family, we chanced upon Yasuo, a tiny Japanese restaurant serving affordable meals. We decided to have dinner there and it turned out be pleasurable both for our tummies and our pockets.


Yasuo is near the supermarket which makes it easy to locate. While it can only serve less than 20 diners at a time, I noticed that people wait to get seated there.


Here are what we ordered during our visit:


Miso Ramen, P149. This was the hubby’s food. He said this was good. I took a spoonful and noted the rich flavor of the broth. The serving was also just right, not too little and not too much.


Sio Ramen, P129. According to the waitress who dealt with us, this has the original ramen goodness. No miso or soy sauce added as flavor. My PILs loved it!

Ramen Kuroda, BF Homes
Ramen Yushoken, Molito-Alabang
Kokoro Ramenya, Roxas Blvd.
Erra's Ramen, Malate
Izakaya Den Japanese Restaurant, Malate
Rai Rai Ken, Finlandia
Ume-ya Japanese Restaurant, Bacoor
Yoshinoya, SM Manila


Katsudon, P129. My SIL and I ordered this same dish. The sauce was tasty and the breaded boiled pork was well-seasoned. But I thought the highlight of this dish was the rice used. It was soft and sticky and chewy just like Japanese rice should be.


Chicken Katsu Set, P139. This was my FIL’s order. He’s a picky eater but he finished this in no time so I’m guessing it was good.


Oyakodon, P139. My MIL’s order had chicken chunks in golden brown sauce and topped with egg and sliced scallion. It’s like Katsudon, only chicken is the meat used and the sauce has just a tinge of sweetness.


Looking at the prices of the food above and reading my comments on the food, I bet you’ll agree with me when I say that Yasuo serves cheap yet quality and delicious Japanese food. :)

Yasuo Restaurant
G/L Adriatico Wing
Robinsons Place Manila
Ermita, Manila

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